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Our Tips for New Grandparents

There is something uniquely amazing about becoming a grandparent. It is such a rewarding experience and one that is very different than becoming a parent. It is easy for new grandparents to become a bit carried away with their latest role or even overwhelmed with not knowing how to support their children in this new chapter. If you’re about to take that big step into this exciting time, check out these tips for new grandparents to make the most of this wonderful new journey.

Monitor Your Sleeping Baby with Owlet

Traditional baby monitors generally only pick up sound or blurry images, but with today’s technology, you can not only watch and hear your little one but also monitor their stats to ensure they’re sleeping safely. Owlet is one of those companies give parents peace-of-mind with their innovative baby monitoring products.

Winter is Coming, Time to Wrap Up Warm

The cold weather is making an appearance and so are the coats, hats and scarves! For babies, these warm accessories are extra important since they cannot self-regulate their core temperature and lose heat more quickly than adults. It is essential to dress your little one appropriately for the winter months, yet also ensure they do not become overheated too. Here are some tips on how to make sure baby stays warm and cosy in the cold season ahead.

Self-Soothing Secrets: How to Teach Your Baby

Self-soothing is when your baby can settle and fall asleep themselves without intervention from mum and dad. This “skill” can be invaluable for your little one and for you, with the assurance that they can drift back off to sleep, making for peaceful nights for all. This also helps ensure your child gets a good full night’s sleep too. Here are a few tips on how to teach your baby to self-soothe. Early Days In…

How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

When you become a new parent, keeping your baby safe at all times is of utmost importance, including when they are sleeping. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (also referred to as SIDS) is a real worry for every parent, so sleep safety and being aware of the right environment to have for your little one is essential. Follow these few tips on how to keep your sleeping baby safe to help ensure a good night’s sleep…

Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing Safely

A good night’s sleep is not something most parents get a luxury of in the first few months of their baby’s life, but many are making the most of it with co-sleeping. It is recommended that you share the same room as your baby for their first six months, but while some parents use a cot or Moses basket within their room, others let their little one sleep with them in the bed. However, is…

You’re Carrying Your Baby Car Seat Wrong

Did you know there is actually a wrong way to hold a baby’s car seat? Despite the handle designed to make it easier to carry, it really isn’t, and most parents lift and hold the car seat in a way that put unnecessary, and potentially harmful, strain on the back, shoulder and knees. This is because a baby’s car seat is designed around the safety and comfort of your baby and not much else. However,…

Essential Items to Buy When You’re Expecting A Baby

When it comes to preparing for a baby, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with everything you think you need. There seems to be an endless amount of baby accessories, so where do you even start? Don’t panic! Most babies in their first few months of age only need a few things until they get older and their needs grow with them. Stick to this list of essential items to buy when you’re expecting…

The 5 Most Common Reasons Babies Wake Up

While we all dream of a full night’s sleep for our babies (and ourselves), that’s just not always the reality. Apart from the occasional 10-12 hours of sleep you might be lucky to get from around 3-4 months of age, most babies tend to wake up during the night. But exactly why do babies wake up at night? These are some of the most common reasons why your little one may not be sleeping through…

Your Baby at 12 Months Old

Wow, what an amazing first year it has been for your little one, and it seems to go so quickly too. In only 12 months, your baby has gone from being so tiny and entirely reliant on parents to becoming their own little person, full of personality, who is moving around everywhere and increasingly independent. It is crazy to see how much they have grown in this amount of time, and your baby at 12 months old is still growing and developing as they venture into being a toddler.

Your Baby at 11 Months Old

Your baby at 11 months old is a little ball of energy, as they are eager to explore by doing. They will want to grab, touch and feel everything, even if it means putting things in their mouth, and will be doing all they can to move about on their own too. This is a crazy busy time for baby and parents, so get ready to find out what to expect with your baby’s development at 11 months old.

Your Baby at 10 Months

Your little baby at 10 months of age is not so little anymore! They are growing big in both stature and personality. Baby development at this age is happening at high speed, with so many milestones being met in a short time. It is exciting to see your baby grow into a little human being with their own personality shining through.

Your Baby at 9 Months Old

Lots of laughs, babbling and near non-stop movement will keep you on your toes when your baby reaches nine months of age. Baby development varies greatly, especially at this age, as they will do things at their own pace, but here are some of the major milestones to look out for and how you can encourage their learning and growth at nine months.

Your Baby at 8 Months Old

Your baby at eight months old is ready to explore anything and everything, making this another fun month in your baby’s first year. You’ll be needing to keep an extremely close eye on your little one as they crawl or scoot around here, there and everywhere. And that’s just the start of it. Here’s more of what to expect from your eight-month-old baby.

Your Baby at 7 Months Old

Your baby has now passed the halfway mark on their first year, and there is no sign of things slowing down just yet when it comes to their growth and development. Your baby at seven months old is raring to get moving, becoming more independent and determined than ever. Their personality is also developing and shining through, making the seventh month mark a very interesting time for parents.

Your Baby at 6 Months Old

The first six months of your baby’s life really do seem to fly by! Your baby is halfway through their first year, and in that time, they have grown rapidly, reaching milestone after milestone and changing physically and emotionally near daily. Now, your baby at six months will start to meet even bigger milestones, especially in the way they eat. Find out more about what this super fun month will bring. Noticing Details Your baby’s…

Your Baby at 5 Months Old

Your baby is growing stronger and smarter every day, and at five months, your little one is starting to show even more personality. Their emotional development is coming through, and seeing the love and affection that comes from it is truly heart-warming! We’ve listed some of the fun developmental milestones that happen with your baby at five months old and how you can help this development.

Your Baby at 4 Months Old

From bringing home a tiny newborn and having sleepless nights to spending more time playing and developing a routine, those first few months of your baby’s life really do seem to fly by. By four months old, it is on to new discoveries and milestones for your little one. Here are just some of those to expect, like speech development and movement.

Your Baby at 3 Months Old

With more smiles and wiggling around than ever, your baby at three months old will be making leaps and bounds in their development. They are taking in everything that is going on around them and becoming physically stronger every day. This is a big month in a baby’s first year in terms of development. Find out more about what adventures wait for you and your three-month-old baby and what you can do to help their development at this stage.

Your Baby at 2 Months Old

At only two months old, you won’t believe how much your baby has grown in such a short time. Your baby is still constantly exploring new things, and you are still learning about what life is like with a new addition to the family, but don’t get too adjusted just yet! Things are changing all the time as your baby grows. Here are even more milestones that you can expect during this time.

Your Baby At 1 Month Old

What a whirlwind of a first month it is after your little one has made his or her debut! Your lives are about to change during these early weeks, but nothing is more rewarding. This is a time of learning for both you and your baby, as you discover what life is like with a newborn, and he or she starts learning about themselves and the world around them.

Travel in Style with Cybex

Why go for something plain and drab when it comes to your baby’s travel accessories? Instead of going with the crowd, go for the “wow!” factor with Cybex. Cybex offers a range of travel accessories that are both stylish, unique and a lot of fun. It is an enjoyable way of getting out and about with baby!

Baby’s First Year in a Nutshell

The first 12 months of your child’s life could be the most exciting for parents. In a relatively short amount of time, your baby grows and develops at an incredible rate, reaching a new milestone every month. Here are some of the exciting things you can expect during baby’s first year.

How to Avoid Sibling Jealousy

Getting ready to introduce a second child to the family? This is an exciting time for everyone, but one that brings big changes, especially for your first child. For them, they’re going from being the only child to suddenly having to share the attention, and this can result in sibling rivalry. We have a few tips on how to keep that sibling jealousy at bay.

Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home

There is nothing quite as exciting as bringing your newborn baby home for the first time. No doubt you’ve spent months thinking about this day. It’s one that should be a momentous occasion for the family, so to make sure the transition from the hospital to home life goes as smoothly as possible, you will want to have everything prepared ahead of time.

5 Last Minute Baby Gifts for Christmas

Still looking for that perfect gift for a little one celebrating their first Christmas? We’ve got five baby gift ideas that are just that!

How to be a Trendsetter with the Mima Range

Who says parenting can’t be done with style? With the Mima range, you get the luxury of high-quality everyday accessories for baby combined with style and functionality. Mima has designed a number of products aimed at “creating positive experiences” for babies and parents through their trendy range.

BABYZEN’s YOYO – The Ultimate Ultra Compact Stroller

It can be tough finding the perfect pushchair for your baby, let alone one that is comfortable for baby, easy for you to push, has storage and is compact at that! Thankfully for parents, BABYZEN has designed strollers that do just that. The BABYZEN YOYO stroller is an award-winning pushchair that is lightweight yet sturdy, making it a favourite amongst families.

Twin vs Tandem Pushchair: Which is Best?

About to become the parent of twins? This is an exciting time, but also one that comes with a lot of preparation. After all, you’re welcoming not one but two babies, and while this may seem overwhelming, there are some great products out there for mums and dads of multiples, including pushchairs to help you get out and about.

How Does a Travel System Work?

Figuring out the best way to transport your newborn can seem stressful. You want to find the right products that are safe for your child and easy enough for you to use so outings aren’t such a struggle. Instead of trying to buy a pushchair, car seat, and even a carrycot, go for an all-in-one travel system.

Car Seats Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Car Seat

Safety and comfort are at the forefront of parents’ minds when buying anything when it comes to a new baby, and car seats are no exception. It is always worth spending a fair amount of time doing your research into car seats before going out to buy one.

6 Tips for Designing Your Nursery

Designing your baby’s nursery is often something exciting to do when waiting for the newest arrival to make their appearance. This is your opportunity to create the perfect room just for your little one filled with all the necessities.

But with so much choice out there, where do you even begin in your planning?

Pushchairs Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Pushchair

Buying the perfect pushchair for you and your little one seems like it should be a straightforward process. However, when you actually go to purchase one, you can be shocked with all the choices out there, including all the styles and accessories.

Baby Mattresses… Which Mattress is Right For Me?

Choosing your mattress may seem like a boring task compared to trying out pushchairs and designing your nursery, but it is one that needs careful consideration. This page is a guide to making the best choice you can.

What is I-Size?

You are definitely not alone by not understanding the new EU regulation that is I-SIZE! There are lots of people that buy an I-size car seat but don’t actually know what it means, so we are going to try and explain it to you… here goes…

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