Baby Mattresses... Which Mattress is Right For Me?

Baby Mattresses... Which Mattress is Right For Me?

Choosing your baby mattress may seem like a boring task compared to trying out pushchairs and designing your nursery, but it is one that needs careful consideration. This page is a guide to making the best choice you can.

There are so many different types of mattress to choose from for all kinds of purposes, but whether you need something to fit a Moses basket, crib, cot, cot bed, travel cot, a pram/carrycot or even a hanging cradle you need to make sure you are really happy with your choice...after all your baby will be spending a lot of hours in it! This may seem hard to believe when you are getting up for night feeds, but infants can spend up to 18hours a day asleep!

New or Second hand?

We would recommend that it is best to always buy a new mattress for your baby if possible...even when more baby brothers and sisters come along. Your baby needs a firm, clean and supportive mattress. Secondhand mattress has probably lost their shape which would make it more uncomfortable and may contain hidden bacteria or dust mites. Sadly, there’s evidence to suggest that SIDS, or cot death, is linked to secondhand mattresses.

What type of mattress should I buy?

The mattress should always be FIRM, a soft one can conform to the shape of your baby's head or face. Imagine if your baby turns over – he can’t easily move himself if his face sinks into a squishy mattress, so he needs a more solid sleep surface than us grown-ups.

Whichever type of mattress you go for, make sure you turn it regularly to maintain its shape and/or rotate it head to foot so both ends are used equally.

What size do I buy?

All of our cots/cot beds/Moses baskets etc clearly state the size of the mattress required. However, this may not be the case for some retailers... It is really important to buy the correct size, the gap between the mattress and cot sides and ends should not be more than 4cm when the mattress is pushed tightly to one side or there’s a risk that your baby’s limbs could get trapped. If you’re not sure, accurately measure the interior length and width of the basket or cot base once it’s assembled. The depth of the mattress should not exceed 10cm, but this is generally the case with most mattresses for cots or cot beds that you will look at.


Make sure that any mattress you buy conforms to both BS 1877 Part 10 1997 for safety and performance and BS 7177 1996 for flammability. Mattresses that meet the relevant BS standards give you the confidence that what you’re buying for your baby is safe.

We guarantee that the range of mattresses displayed on our website are good quality, firm and supplied by a very reputable manufacturer.