Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home

Bringing Your Newborn Baby Home

There is nothing quite as exciting as bringing your newborn baby home for the first time. No doubt you’ve spent months thinking about this day. It’s one that should be a momentous occasion for the family, so to make sure the transition from the hospital to home life goes as smoothly as possible, you will want to have everything prepared ahead of time.

Pick the Perfect First Outfit

Your newborn baby is about to make his or her entrance into the outside world! Make sure they’re appropriately dressed for the occasion and the weather. Layer up with an easy vest underneath your outfit of choice. Make sure their little toes are wrapped up warm either with socks or within a onesie-type outfit. If it’s a bit chilly, consider an additional fleece, as long as your baby can stay comfortable and not too restrained once in their car seat.

It’s a common misconception that babies need hats, especially indoors once they leave the hospital, as they can easily become overheated. However, in the autumn and winter, a hat can still be a good idea.

Travel Home Safely

That initial ride home is excited yet can be nerve-wracking too. Take away some of the stress by ensuring you have a good car seat that is secured in place. The car seat should be appropriate for a newborn, of course. If you’re unsure what to look for, have a look at our Car Seat Buying Guide. One particular brand that is perfect for infants is Kiddy, whose car seats allow babies to lie flat safely both inside and outside of the car.

Make Time for Introductions

A huge part of bringing your newborn baby home for the first time is meeting the rest of the family! However, to be able to get into a routine and keep from being overwhelmed, spread out these visits from family and friends. Of course, the very first introductions should be made to any siblings, and they should know just how important they’re going to be in their new baby brother’s or baby sister’s life.

Get Settled for the Night

There is something so comforting about putting your newborn in their very own crib for the first time (despite parents knowing they will be doing it probably several times throughout the night!). However, it can seem a bit stressful if the room isn’t quite ready. When you have cluttered areas and things that aren’t quite set up yet, this can make the room see less peaceful. You will want to make sure that baby’s room is organised for you to be able to find and access things as needed, as well as making it a peaceful place for them and you to relax and wind down before bed. Our tips on designing a nursery will help you create the perfect setting for you and baby. Don’t forget the comfortable bed and bedding, like this brilliant range from Snuz.

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