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Fred Adhesive Multi-Purpose Block

Discreetly baby-proof cupboards and deeper drawers with locks opened by magnets.


Pack contains x1 Invisible Magnet Lock


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Hugely versatile, these Blocks are the perfect solution for securing single-door cupboards, drawers and household appliances throughout your home.

Safety just got smarter

  • Triple action Squeeze-n-Lift™ locking mechanism is easy for adult hands, but not something the under 2’s will manage.
  • Pinch free design. Partial opening of a door means that finger-traps can form, so this block fits from the side then across the front of your cupboard, drawer etc. to keep it completely closed at all times.
  • Fitted in seconds!
  • Uses Fred SecureHold™ adhesive to create a powerful and durable bond that attaches securely to most surfaces in your home, strong enough to stay in place when a toddler gives it a tug.
  • Bite and choke safe. All children chew on things, so this is made from non toxic, food-grade material. Its size and shape ensures that it does not constitute a choke hazard in the event that a child reaches it.
  • Damage free removal. By following the instructions, you’ll leave no sticky residue and be able to remove it without damaging most surfaces.
  • Great design using high performance plastics proving that safety can be elegant.


When and where to use

Use from when your baby starts to move, normally from about 6 months of age.
Although similar competitive products recommend that this type of lock can be used across the front of double-door cupboards, we don’t think this is safe enough as children are able to slightly open the double doors to create a finger trap. We have therefore developed the Double-Door Block to properly secure double-door cupboards.

Not suitable for surfaces such as oven doors where the temperature reaches 60° Centigrade or above. Wherever possible, fit more than 70cm from the ground.

Recommended Usage

Not to be used on

Freds Tip

“A ‘safe’ cupboard (with no hazards inside) that kids can access teaches them how to open and close doors safely and can be a handy distraction.”


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