BabyBjorn Baby Bouncer Bliss - Sky Blue Mesh


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The new BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer Bliss in Sky Blue Mesh is a cosy space for your baby to play and rest in. When baby kicks their legs or waves their arms, the baby bouncer rocks gently. Playing in the baby bouncer also helps your baby develop their motor skills and balance, it can be used from newborn and up to the age of 2 years.

Ergonomic design:The baby bouncer gives good support to your baby’s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly, which is particularly important for newborn babies.

Bouncer (max 9 kg): Always use the restraint system. Make sure that both buttons are locked. You can adjust between two positions. Stop using the product as a bouncer once your child can sit up without help.

Chair (max 13 kg):
Use as chair when your child can walk and sit on his or her own. In order to convert the product into a chair, all you have to do is turn the fabric around.


  • 100% polyester mesh
  • 3 positions for play, rest and sleep
  • Folds flat and convenient to carry
  • Baby can play and rest in this bouncer
  • Natural rocking stimulates your child’s development
  • Use from newborn (min weight 3.5kg) up to 2 years (max 13kg)
  • The baby bouncer is gently rocked by you or your baby’s movements
  • The fabric seat is easy to remove and is machine washable at 40c
  • The rocking helps your baby to train and develop their balance and motor skills