Cybex ePriam Frame + Seat Hardpart - Rose Gold (2022)


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The CYBEX ePRIAM Frame with Seat Hardpart in Rose Gold combines e-technology with design and serves as a base for your New Generation ePRIAM stroller. You can attach one of four different options to the frame, depending on the age of the little ones, the Lux Carry Cot, the Lite Cot, the Cloud Z i-Size infant car seat or the New Generation Priam Seat Pack (Available separately).

The revolutionary smart technology is Intelligent, intuitive and exceptionally innovative, the ePRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrains like sand, gravel or cobblestones.

Experience the magical sensation of a rocky path made smooth or an impossible climb made suddenly achievable with less of a physical strain for parents.

What's included 

  • 1x Raincover
  • 1x Bumper bar
  • 1x Shopping basket
  • 1x Car seat adapters
  • 1x Seat unit hard part
  • 1x ePRIAM frame + wheels
  • 1x ePRIAM battery + charger

Product Features 

  • One-hand fold
  • Rocking mode
  • Reversible seat unit
  • Uneven surface support
  • Seamless tech integration
  • Less of a physical strain for parents
  • Aluminium frame with plastic parts
  • Helps you glide up + down hills with ease
  • Intelligent, intuitive + exceptionally innovative
  • Adapts to rough terrain including sand, cobblestones + gravel
  • Use with the Lux Carry Cot, Lite Cot, Cloud Z i-Size infant car seat or the New Generation Priam Seat Pack (Available separately)

Size + Fit

  • Weight: 15.5kg
  • Weight of baby max. 22kg
  • Use from birth to approx 4y
  • Measurements folded: L31 x W52 x H88cm
  • Measurements unfolded: L84-95 x W60 x H100-109cm