Cybex Solution M-Fix SL - Pure Black

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The Cybex Solution M-Fix SL is the newest in a long line of super-safe car seats descended from the award-winning Solution M-Fix. The range of innovative safety and comfort functions distinguishes this member of the Solution series.

The height-adjustable headrest on the Solution M-FIX SL can be adjusted to 12 different heights to provide a more comfortable sleeping position for a safe and peaceful journey as well as extremely long usability. The headrest has head protectors that keep your child's head in a secure position. The Linear Side-impact Protection absorbs impact energy at an early stage, allowing it to be absorbed by the body.

With a system of mesh ventilation channels running through the backrest and seat components, an integrated ventilation system maintains a comfortable body temperature even on hot days. The seat can be installed using either the inbuilt ISOFIX Connect system or by folding the ISOFIX bar away and using the vehicle's standard 3 point belt. With an extra-wide and deeply padded seat cushion a reclining backrest to perfect adjust to your vehicle's seat and a flexible energy-absorbing shell, it's a brilliant high-backed booster to keep your little one safe and comfortable.