Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep + Mini Baby Bed - White


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The Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep + Mini Baby Bed – White system grows in perfect symmetry with your baby from birth up to 5 years old. With its soft contours and smooth flowing lines the Gaia Baby Complete Sleep+ /Mini creates a tranquil and calm environment for your baby’s sleep. The 1st stage ‘Mini Cot’ is ideal for use in parents’ room and offers dual mattress height options for use from birth-2yrs. As soon as baby is ready to move to the nursery, the 2nd stage ‘Maxi Cot’ (parts included) securely & comfortably accommodates a child.

As your baby becomes an inquisitive toddler, gently transition to the Stage 3 Toddler Bed (parts included). For the first steps towards independent sleeping , the ‘Toddler Bed’ transitions smoothly to 4th stage ‘First Bed’ (parts included): You can also extend the life of your Serena Complete Sleep+ /Mini with the Junior Bed Extension Kit (parts sold separately) for kids up to 10years. All in all, simply beautiful parenting!


Due for dispatch 4 weeks. 

Features -

  • Beautifully contoured Complete Sleep+ /mini evolves for use from birth to 5 yrs. Included are parts/components to use as:
    • Mini Cot (0 – 2 yrs)
    • Maxi Cot
    • Toddler Bed
    • First Bed (up to 5 yrs)
  • Height adjustable mattress base:
    • High position for infants up to 6 months
    • Lower position for babies up to 2yrs (Mini Cot) or 5 yrs (Maxi Cot, toddler bed, first bed)
  • Extend the life of your Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep + Mini Baby Bed - White with the Junior Bed extension kit (up to 10 years). Shop here
  • Made from highest quality European birch wood with aluminium clad feet and detailing. Parts are reused to convert to cot minimising waste and storage.

Product Size & Weight

Dimensions (cm):
Cot: 101 h x 70 w x 140 l
Mini Cot: 101 h x 70 w x 54.7 l

Weight (kg): 51

Package Size & Weight

Pack 1:

Dimensions (cm): 25 h x 75 w x 75 l
Weight (kg): 15

Pack 2:

Dimensions (cm): 25 h x 75 w x 75 l
Weight (kg): 13.5

Pack 3:

Dimensions (cm): 12 h x 87 w x 10.5 l
Weight (kg): 23

Age Range

Minimum age: birth
Maximum age: 5 years

Material Composition

100% Solid Birch


BSEN716-1&2:2017 (cot)/BS8509-2008+A1:2011(child bed)/ BSEN1130-1&2 1997/96

Gaia Serena Complete Sleep+ /Mini