iCandy MiChair 3 Piece Package - Russet


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The iCandy MiChair is a stylish highchair that turns in to a beautifully crafted piece of furniture for your child. A timeless piece of furniture, the highchair is suitable from birth when combined with the iCandy MiChair Pod (Included). The iCandy Pod simply docks on to the highchair to bring baby up and away from the ground, to parent height when feeding. Parent and baby are able to experience all important eye-to-eye contact, so critical in the first formative months. The iCandy Pod can also be used as a rocker on the floor with two height positions, one for rest and one for play. The comfy comfort pack is a seat reducer for the iCandy MiChair, adding a comfortable padded layer to the inside of the seat. Ideal for smaller babies. Includes a padded back and seat cushion

As the baby gets older and no longer needs a highchair it is simply transformed into a stylish child's chair or rocking chair that is suitable for up to the age of six. This becomes the child's very own sentimental, contemporary piece of furniture with every element that it was once a highchair removed, giving the child the special feeling of growing up and ownership.
What's Included:
- iCandy MiChair
- iCandy MiChair Newborn Pod
- iCandy MiChair Comfort Pack
Product Features:
- Suitable from birth when using the pod
- Includes tray, waist strap, crotch post and footrest
- Wipe-clean and washable seat base
- Hidden integral release paddles
- Converts to a piece of timeless furniture
- Use as a rocker with two height positions
- Includes Pod-Position adjuster and detachable toy bar
- Includes a padded back and seat cushion
- Comfortable padded layer to the inside of the seat