iCandy Peach Duo Pod - Navy Twill

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Why buy a separate footmuff and liner when you can get the iCandy Peach Duo Pod? This stylish accessory does the job of both a seat liner and a footmuff in one convenient and innovative pod. The seat liner is comfortable for your little one- reversible too, with a soft-touch fleece on one side and a cooler textured fabric on the other, perfect for summer and winter! Harness holes are cut out so you can still stroll safely whilst keeping the liner in place. The front section can be attached by zip to create a superb footmuff for those colder months. Each Duo Pod comes with the liner and front apron in a range of colours which complement your iCandy Peach stroller.

  • Comfortable journey in all weather
  • Reversible liner for the longevity of use
  • Save time with an easy attachment