Mima iZi Go Modular X1 i-Size by BeSafe - Black


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Mima and BeSafe work together to make your's and your child's lives better and safer. These have come together to bring you the brilliant modular infant seat, the Mima iZi Go Modular X1 Infant Carrier by BeSafe. Taking your child from birth to approximately 15 months (13kg) - this comfortable and stylish seat means you can keep your child super safe as you travel together. Now featuring even more safety features than its predecessor, this seat is the one to beat.

  • Side impact protection for additional safety
  • More than just standard protection
  • Install on a base for further convenience
  • Universal fit - can be installed in most cars

Mima and BeSafe always consider children's safety their main focus. When developing a new child safety seat, the seat is crash tested approximately 10,000 times, both digitally, virtually and in crash-test labs, all to ensure that the seat will protect the child as intended in real-life situations.

This new iZi Go has now been fitted with a Dynamic Force Absorber™, a state-of-the-art safety solution that is featured in the head area of the seat's side wings. As little heads and necks are delicate it is vital that they are protected, this new safety measure ensures that they receive the utmost protection. Made from special materials and constructed with multiple flex zones, it is designed to absorb forces sustained in a side impact - bending in the inner area and remaining rigid in the outer areas.

Another exciting new feature is the addition of the BeSafe Newborn Hugger™, this allows baby to get some much-needed rest by increasing their reclining position by a further 10° - using a cleverly placed wedge to lift their back. This will increase comfort and paired with the soft and supportive side materials - both in the back and bottom area - it helps to stabilize the baby and keep them snug.

The third and final new feature of the iZi Go is that the newly designed headrest will support your little one with more internal space - also ensuring to keep them protected in any situation. For smaller babies, the back area of the headrest is optimised to keep their head supported and as they grow it can open up to allow for the space that your baby will need.

The iZi Go Modular can easily be installed on the iZi Modular ISOFIX base. Just click the seat onto the base and you are ready to go. You also have the option of using the standard 3 point seatbelt for cars that don't have ISOFIX. Handy for swapping cars if you ever need to!

The unique combination of EPS and foam in the seat's shell, together with the soft padding in the cover, make the iZi Go extremely comfortable for your child. Magnets hold the harness open, to make it easier for you to put your baby inside and the large, integrated sunshade keeps them comfortably out of harmful sun's rays, the canopy offers UPF50+ protection. A five-point safety harness will hold your little one snugly in the deep seat. As well as all this, the height is adjustable for their comfort from 40 to 75cm and the carrying handle is ergonomically designed.

With the padding in the head area used for the first months, improved Side Impact Protection (SIP+) and the cushions, this seat truly offers superior safety for your baby at such a vital stage of development.