Beautiful Bambinos guide to running & jogging pushchairs

Beautiful Bambinos guide to running & jogging pushchairs

Running is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress, and enjoy the outdoors. If you're a parent, you might think your running days are on hold until your child is older. But with a running pushchair, you can combine your fitness routine with quality time with your little one. Here’s a guide to help you get started and make the most of your runs with a pushchair.

Most baby buggies are designed to be used while walking but if you want to go a bit faster it’s best to wait until your little one is aged from six to nine months and is able to hold their head up comfortably.


  • Fixed Front Wheel: A fixed wheel offers more stability at higher speeds,  reducing the risk of wobbles and accidents.  Jogging pushchairs typically have three large, air-filled tires that are designed to absorb shocks and provide a smooth ride on uneven terrain.
  • Suspension System: Good suspension ensures a smoother ride for your child, absorbing bumps and uneven terrain.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: A handlebar that adjusts to your height allows for a more comfortable running posture.
  • Safety Harness: A five-point harness keeps your child securely in place.
  • Brakes: Hand brakes offer better control, especially when running downhill.


Some popular jogging pushchairs on the market include the Cybex Avi Spin, Baby Jogger Summit X3 and the UPPAbaby Ridge.

Cybex AVI Spin  £629.95

The Cybex Avi Spin 2024 is the ultimate city, all-terrain and running stroller. It features a front swivel wheel for manoeuvrability, air-filled tyres that promise comfort, and an ergonomic lie-flat position lets you use it from birth.

Whether you’re enjoying busy city life, exploring the great outdoors at the weekend or jogging in the park, Cybex Avi Spin will give you all the flexibility a modern, active family needs from day one.

UPPAbaby Ridge  £699.99

The Uppababy Ridge Pushchair is built for performance. It has smart adjustable features to keep both the pusher and the baby comfortable whether taking on cobblestones or woodlands. Refind yet durable it offers new horizons to explore.

The Ridge features no inflation never-flat tyres with a deep tread to provide a smoother ride over any terrain and the deep padded seat keeps little ones safe and comfortably nestled.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 £529

The Baby Jogger® Summit™ X3 is the ultimate all-terrain jogging pushchair, equipped with air-filled rubber tyres, all-wheel suspension and new fashions with reflective accents so you can get up, get out and get jogging. The signature one-hand fold, remote front-wheel lock and hand-operated deceleration brake provide you with ultimate convenience. The multi-position seat recline and UV 50+ canopy help ensure maximum comfort for your baby while the peek-a-boo windows allow you to keep an eye on your child.

Don’t forget that mums are usually advised to wait until three months after giving birth (once signed off by their GP) before they get back into running, with or without a buggy.

Running buggies are brilliant for country walks and park adventures, too, thanks to their tougher tyres. Shop Beautiful Bambinos selection of running buggies now.