Essential Items to Buy When You're Expecting A Baby

Essential Items to Buy When You're Expecting A Baby

When it comes to preparing for a baby, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with everything you think you need. There seems to be an endless amount of baby accessories, so where do you even start? Don’t panic! Most babies in their first few months of age only need a few things until they get older and their needs grow with them. Stick to this list of essential items to buy when you're expecting a baby.

The All-Important Crib

Probably the first answer to “What should I buy for a newborn?” is the crib! Cribs come in all different sizes, from those bedside cribs for those early months to bigger ones that are situated in their nursery. Portable cribs, including bedside ones, are great for the first six months before moving into their own nursery to sleep. You should choose the crib that works best for you and your baby.

Travel Safely with a Car Seat

You will have to get home with your little one somehow right? A car seat is something that needs to be tried and tested well before you bring home your little bundle of joy. Do your research ahead of time to understand the type of car seats to look for. Baby car seats need to conform to strict EU safety standards and fit appropriately in your car. This should be fitted ahead of time to ensure its stability, so you can have peace of mind that your precious cargo is kept safe during any car journey. At Beautiful Bambino, we stock car seats from renowned brands that have safety at the forefront of design, giving parents reassurance that they’re opting for the very best for their baby.

Bath Time

It won’t be long until your little one will enjoy a splash in the bathtub, but for that first couple of months, just a light bath will do. A small tub designed with a comfortable backrest is ideal. Some other bath time accessories include a soft cloth or sponge and super gentle soap. Don’t forget the snuggly towel to bundle them up in right after to get dry and keep them warm!

Get Out and About with a Pushchair

Getting around with your baby is good for everyone. Parents should be able to get out and about and let their baby explore the big world at any opportunity. The pushchair you choose for your outings should be comfortable and convenient. For newborns, it should be able to lie completely flat. Many models today can grow with your baby, and offer different degrees of reclining, the option to switch from rear to front-facing, and may even be part of a convenient travel system.

Nappy Changing

Soiled nappies are a reality, and you will want to be ready for the worst! Prepare yourself with a changing bag that can hold everything you need for those nappy changes, from extra nappies to spare clothes. Also, look for a changing pad that can be laid out wherever and whenever the need to get rid of a soiled nappy.

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