Rear Facing Awareness Month

Rear Facing Awareness Month

What is Rear facing Awareness Month?

The fifth month of the year is here, and it’s not like any other month – it’s Rear-Facing Month.

Rear-facing has been proven to save children’s lives every day. The facts are clear, rear-facing safety makes a huge difference for children in the event of an accident. Yet, we see terrifying numbers of small children travelling forward facing and even without a car seat at all.

This is the reason why we must raise our voices, to spread the safety message about rear-facing for all children’s right to travel in the safest direction – rear-facing.

Why is rear facing so much safer?

A rear-facing car seat’s biggest advantage is the superior protection it offers to your child’s head, neck and spine in the event of a collision. The rear-facing car seat shell protects your child and distributes the crash forces over a larger area and therefore significantly reduces the forces acting upon the neck. How much safer is rear-facing – Up to five times safer.

Frontal crash tests show that the forces acting on the neck are up to five times greater when the child is sitting forward-facing compared to a rear-facing car seat. This means travelling in a rear-facing car seat can be up to five times safer for your child.

The dynamic movement of your child’s body is very different depending on the direction of travel in an impact. During impact, in a forward-facing car seat the body is pushed out of the car seat with only the belt keeping the body in place, but the head still wants to move forward. This results in crash forces being transferred to the child’s neck, creating enormous tension in the neck.

A rear-facing car seat’s biggest advantage is that it supports the child’s entire back, neck and head, distributing the crash forces over a larger area and therefore significantly reduces the forces imposed on the neck. Therefore, a rear-facing car seat offers your child superior protection and reduces the risk of severe injury in the event of a collision, and this is why rear facing car seats are safer.

Let us show you some of our favourite rear facing car seats below:

Cybex Sirona Gi i-Size Car Seat - Lava Grey £279.95

The extended rear-facing design ensures safeguarding up to 20kg, and integrated Linear Side-impact Protection keeps them safe from all angles. Maximum breathability is achieved with innovative air vents on both sides.

Maxi-Cosi Emerald 360 S Car Seat Birth - 12 years old | Tonal Black £299.00

Emerald 360 S ensures lasting comfort and safety, adapting to your child’s growth from birth up to 12 years old (150 cm). With FlexiSpin 360° rotation and four comfortable recline positions, Emerald 360 S is there to meet your family’s needs at every stage and on every adventure.

Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 – Almond £325

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 is the only car seat you need. With 360° rotation, it adapts effortlessly with your child as they grow, keeping them safe, secure and comfortable from birth until approximately 12 years of age.

Joie Signature i-Spin XL Car Seat – Eclipse  £375

The new multi-age spinning car seat from Joie Signature brings you the easy rotation you love and the effortless growth you want from birth to 12 years car seat.

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