Travel System Buying Guide: What is a Travel System and How do They Work?

Travel System Buying Guide: What is a Travel System and How do They Work?

Getting out and about with your newborn is important, but choosing the best way to do so can be stressful. There are many different accessories to choose from, that finding and purchasing all the individual products can be a chore.

First, there’s the carrycot to get your baby to and from the car in a comfortable way. Then it’s finding the right car seat (read our Car Seat Buying Guide), followed by the actual pushchair that needs to be practical.

This is why more parents are turning to sensible all-in-one travel systems! Eliminating the worry of finding individual products that are compatible and pragmatic, travel systems come with everything you need to safely travel with your newborn.

However, like many other baby accessories out there, finding the best baby travel system for you can be a daunting task. Our guide will help you learn more about how travel systems work, see if they’re right for you and how to choose which baby travel system will suit your lifestyle.

What is a Travel System?

A travel system is essentially a pushchair that does it all! It comes as a frame with a detachable rear-facing car seat. This makes it easy to take the car seat from the car to the pushchair and back again. Many travel systems from birth also have carrycots, which is ideal for newborns to babies six months of age who need to lie flat, like those from the super chic Joolz Day collection.

Then when your child is old enough, they could use the pushchair in a normal seat, either rear- or forward-facing.

Joolz Day Collection

Joolz Day travel system pictured above

How Does a Travel System Work?

With a travel system, a car set or carrycot simply slides into the frame of the pushchair and locks into place. You should be able to simply move the car seat from the pushchair into the car and back again.

Complete travel systems have everything you need including frame, carrycot and even some other great accessories. These travel systems will essentially grow with your baby without the worry of having to upgrade.

It is possible to buy travel system pieces separately. This can give you more choice, but it often ends up being the pricier option. Also, it is important to realise that although a lot of the bigger brands are compatible, not every product is guaranteed be. If you are choosing items separately, you may need special adaptors. Even then, not all pushchairs and car seats can become part of a travel system, so if you have your eye on a particular pushchair but want to option of a travel system, be sure to check if it is travel system compatible.

Why Choose a Travel System?

There are many benefits to travel systems that parents absolutely love! The biggest of these benefits is that you get an all-in-one system that allows you to safely transport your baby with less fuss. You do not need to disturb your little one who may have drifted off to sleep in the car when getting them in and out of the pushchair.

Also, it essentially grows with your child. When your newborn has outgrown their carrycot or car seat the pushchair can still be used for quite some time after as normal, with rear- or forward-facing options. This makes it a great investment for parents knowing they will make use of it for some time.

Is a Travel System Right for You?

If you are looking for the one pushchair that does it all, a travel system is a great choice! There is a travel system to suit every style too, with plenty of gorgeous sets to choose from, like from the premium complete travel systems from egg.

egg Complete

egg Complete travel system pictured above

They can be more expensive when compared to other pushchair types, but that is due to its all-in-one nature, including the carrycot, car seat and pushchair itself which can still be used when the carrycot and car seat have been outgrown. Some travel systems even come with a lot more added accessories, including an integrated ride-on board, rain covers and more, as featured in brands like the iCandy Peach range.

Because they are essentially an all-in-one accessory, travel systems can be a bit more on the bulky side, being heavier than some other types of pushchair options, so you will want to make sure you have the space to store it. Despite this, travel systems are still very popular amongst parents due to their convenience, especially when it comes to newborns, and the ability to adapt.

What Should You Look for in a Travel System?

If you’re wanting to explore more when it comes to travel systems and finding the right one for you and your baby, deciding what travel system to buy certainly comes with a lot of choice!

Although it is a bulkier version of a regular pushchair, your travel system should still be easy to collapse and smooth to push. It should also be simple to attach and remove the carrycot or car seat since the purpose of this is to not disturb your baby too much.

Car seats and carrycots should click and lock securely into place. They should not become loose once locked in. All travel systems are tested rigorously, and each piece should adhere to the highest safety standards.

As mentioned earlier, not all pieces may be compatible with a travel system if buying separately. Check each product’s compatibility before purchasing.

Finally, find a travel system that suits your style! From the streamlined aesthetics of Mee-Go to the sophisticated combination of design and functionality of the Cybex, there is a travel system out there that works with many different lifestyles. Again, they can come with a variety of accessories to match as well, such as with the Ickle Bubba v3 and the Ickle Bubba v4 ranges.


Cybex travel systems pictures above

We’ve Got the Right Travel System for You

Beautiful Bambino is a proud supplier of exceptional travel systems from well-known brands, giving you peace of mind that you are getting nothing but the best for your baby.

If you’re still not sure what travel system to go for or want help putting your own together, then get in touch with us! We’re more than happy to help find the right travel system to buy or other baby accessories to suit you and your baby.