Twin vs Tandem Pushchair: Which is Best?

Twin vs Tandem Pushchair: Which is Best?

About to become the parent of twins? This is an exciting time, but also one that comes with a lot of preparation. After all, you’re welcoming not one but two babies, and while this may seem overwhelming, there are some great products out there for mums and dads of multiples, including pushchairs to help you get out and about.

Just like with a single pushchair, pushchairs for twins come with a lot of choices, starting with a twin or tandem style. Which you choose is down to preference, but we’re here to help you make the decision that’s best for you and your babies.

Twin Pushchair: Pros and Cons

A twin pushchair is one that is side-by-side. When they get older, there won’t be any arguments over who gets the front seat that way! With your babies right next to each other, it is easier to feed them both at the same time and they get to play and interact with each other a lot easier.

Many twin pushchairs can be lightweight and break down easily if needing to put it in the car or store away. You can also find all-terrain twin pushchairs, ideal for the family that likes to go on walks.

There are a few disadvantages, with the most obvious one being the size. The width of a twin pushchair isn’t always convenient. Although every effort is made to be able to make models that will fit, there is no one standard door frame, so you may struggle even getting in and out of the house or other places where the door frames are a bit too snug.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double

Tandem Pushchair: Pros and Cons

Tandem pushchairs are perfect if space is an issue. They are a great twin pushchair from birth since they are easier to use without disturbing a sleeping baby. Tandems can be travel systems, meaning you can move your baby from the car seat to the pushchair and simply lock it in. This iCandy Peach Tandem double pram offers comfort with a seat that moves into four different positions and will grow with your child up to 25kg.

Tandem pushchairs are great for space, but they can be heavier and will require more work to dismantle. They can also feel awkward to push. Always try one out to see how you find pushing it.

iCandy Peach - Blossom Chrome

Need More Advice?

At Beautiful Bambino, we understand that parents of twins want high-quality products that can handle double the fun, which is why we only stock the best. iCandy pushchairs are just one of those top brands and are ideal for a pushchair that can adjust as your child grows. For example, this iCandy Peach tandem pushchair is perfect as a twin pushchair from birth as it also comes with a carrycot for newborns to be able to lay flat.

iCandy Peach - Blossom Chrome

When it comes to twin pushchairs, you should always make sure you do your research, as you want one that will withstand the wear and tear twins can bring to it and last for a few years. If you’re still not sure and want more advice as to which is best suited for your family, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right twin pram.