BabyBjorn Winter Cover For Baby Carrier - Black

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The BabyBjörn Winter Cover For Baby Carrier in Black is the perfect accessory to keep your little one warm during the colder months. The ultralight cover is padded, wind and water repellent, and has been specially developed to protect your baby from the cold.

Dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing, but remember that our winter cover is warm in itself. We recommend that you regularly check to make sure that your baby is neither too hot nor too cold.

The hood is easy to put on and take off. It’s also reversible, meaning you can use it while babywearing in either the facing-in or facing-out position. The hood has been specially designed to allow fresh air to flow in. Remember to always ensure that your baby can breathe freely. When you’re not using the hood, you can stow it away in the practical pocket on the outside of the cover.

The winter cover has been designed to keep your baby warm without weighing you down. Despite being light and thin, it’s packed with high-performance thermal insulation padding that locks in heat and provides superior comfort. When you’re not using the cover, you can pack it into its inner pocket and easily carry it with you.

Product Features

  • Cosy + ultralight
  • Wind + water repellent
  • Reversible + detachable hood
  • Easy to attach, remove + adjust
  • Carefully designed to avoid bulkiness
  • Easy to wipe clean + machine washable
  • Cover can be used for all our baby carriers
  • You can use the winter cover from newborn and until your child is approx. two years old
  • The cover is ultralight + can be packed into its inner pocket, making it convenient to take with you