Bumprider Universal Buggy Board with Seat

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Bumprider is a premium buggy board that fits 100% of strollers.

Whether you have children of a similar age or even twin babies and a toddler, the Bumprider buggy board makes venturing out with two or smaller children that little bit easier. 

Features and Benefits

The buggy board fits easily to the back of any stroller without the need of any tools thanks to its patented universal connector and extending arms. The unique buggy board shape is designed to transfer a child’s weight evenly into the superior suspension for a super smooth ride on any surface.

The nylon material used in the board allows it to flex slightly in use - removing the risk of the board snapping or breaking and making Bumprider suitable for children up to 30kg (10kg more than other buggy boards). The connectors are fitted with rubber pads to prevent stress and scratches on your stroller chassis. The board can easily be unclipped or can be folded up and stored at the back of the pushchair using the strap provided when not in use.

With Bumprider fitting 100% of strollers, you can rest assured that if you change your stroller, you won’t need to change your buggy board too. So, little legs never have to be tired again!