Cybex Lemo Learning Tower Set - All White

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The CYBEX Lemo Learning Tower Set in All White is an Öko-Test* rated and ultra-smart, ergonomic highchair innovation for the LEMO that is perfect for every stage in life. The LEMO product family offers a sustainable choice that grows with your baby. Simply use the matching attachments for your little ones age and the LEMO Chair can be used from birth until 99 years. 

The LEMO Learning Tower Set opens up a world of possibility and learning around your home for your children. Mobile enough to move it around once attached to the LEMO Chair, it lifts your child up to the same level as their siblings and parents, giving them the chance to participate in all the things you do together as a family: crafts, preparing meals, helping in the kitchen or brushing teeth. Quickly improving communication, dexterity and giving them the self-confidence to complete all these tasks alone.

Please note: This is a set for the highchair (The LEMO Highchair is sold separately)

Product Features

  • Adapts with age
  • Easy + compact
  • One had installation
  • Anti-slip mats are included + provide that extra grip needed to ensure stability + confidence
  • Elevated exploration - The LEMO Learning Tower Set’s ingenious design encourages toddlers and young children to participate in every-day chores and helps develop a sense of independence
  • Boost self-esteem - Once the seat and footrest have been adjusted to suit, they ingeniously become stairs to allow your child to climb onto or off the Learning Tower all by themselves, developing self-reliance and giving them the freedom they crave
  • Optimum stability - Stability is the key to safety and this is where the LEMO Learning Tower Set excels. Its clever, contemporary design transfers all the weight to the lower part of the LEMO Chair, ensuring stability, whilst in the upper part, the protective ring also supports your child’s back. Anti-slip silicone mats are included for the seat and the footrest, they provide extra grip when your child is standing or climbing onto the tower unaided