Egg Pushchair Pet Basket

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For tired legs, old and young, the egg® Basket / Pet Basket is the perfect accessory to level up your dog walks. Suitable for dogs (or shopping) up to 15kg, the egg® Basket has a retractable carry handle with 3 positions, detachable and retractable canopy, removable tray for cleaning and an easy-access zipped window at the back.


egg2® / egg3® tandem adaptors are required when using the egg® Basket in tandem mode with a seat unit, carrycot or infant car seat.

  • Approved configurations using egg2® / egg3® tandem adaptors with the egg® Basket
  • Upper world facing seat unit (max 15kg), lower basket (max 15kg)
  • Upper parent facing carrycot (height adaptors optional, max 9kg), lower basket (max 15kg)
  • Upper parent facing infant car seat (requires multi car seat adaptors), lower basket (max 15kg)
  • Basket only directly onto the egg2® or egg3® chassis (max 15kg)