Elodie Silicone Bottle Teats

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These premium silicone suction teats are fully compatible with Elodie’s feeding bottles and are suitable for newborn babies and up to around 6 months. The anti-colic vent in the teat allows your baby to feed continuously without taking in air bubbles or having to gasp for air between latches. The spiral shape inside the teat prevents teat collapse for uninterrupted comfortable feeding.

Compatible with Elodie´s Glass feeding bottles
These teats are designed specifically for Elodie's glass feeding bottles.

Anti-colic design
Specifically devised to reduce the risk of colic in infants.

Safe materials
Made in 100% food grade, high quality silicone.

Suitable from newborn
This teat can be used for new-born and babies up to 6 months age. Teats for older babies are available separately.