Joolz Geo3 All-Terrain Rear Wheel Set

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The Joolz Geo3 All-Terrain Air Wheels are rugged, inflatable tyres that roll smoothly so you will never have to worry about a bumpy ride again. The all-terrain wheels make it easy to take your stroller anywhere, whether you're exploring the city or the great outdoors. Give your little one the smoothest ride possible.

Product Features

  • Easy to re-inflate
  • Reflective stripes 
  • Easy + quick installation + removal
  • Off-roading will feel like a walk in the park
  • The 12-inch rear wheels roll easily over obstacles, while the air-filled tyres cushion bumps

Size + Fit

  • 12inch rear wheels


  • Inflate the tyres with a bicycle pump
  • Add wheel caps if using with Duo or Twin ( available separately)
  • Recommended tyre pressures: mono 1.5 bar + duo 1.7 bar, max 2.0 bar