Lola&Lykke Breastfeeding Starter Kit

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The Lola & Lykke Breastfeeding Starter Kit has everything you need so you can pump, feed, store and travel with ease - including a selection of their award-winning breastfeeding essentials that support you to achieve the breastfeeding experience you've dreamt about.

Lola & Lykke's Smart Electric Breast Pump is a wireless, lightweight, portable pump with USB charging. Smart touch screen technology builds in a super-convenient pumping experience and the digital display features a memory button and timer for easy tracking and recording of your pumping sessions.

What's included

1x Smart Electric Breast Pump
1x Breast Milk Storage Bags 30pcs + adapter
1x Box of Curved Bamboo Nursing Pads
1x Breast Pump Carry & Cooler Bag
1x Nipple Teat 2-pack (3M+)
1x Nipple Teat 2-pack (6M+)
1x Silicone Spare Part Set
1x Baby Bottle (0M+)
24/7 breastfeeding support

    Product Features

    • BPA free silicone
    • Pump is silent + has an anti-backflow
    • Milk bags are pre-sterilized + leakproof
    • A smooth transition from breast to bottle
    • Baby bottle includes a protective dust cap
    • Wireless, lightweight, silent + portable pump with USB charger
    • Light design of the pump mimics the baby's natural sucking pattern
    • Bamboo nursing pads are waterproof, absorbent, super soft + leakproof
    • Nipple teats are breast-shaped for a natural latch on with an anti-colic valve
    • The cooler bag is thermally insulated + helps your breast milk stay cold + safe for longer
    • Breast Pump has smart touchscreen technology, 6 stimulation settings + 9 expression modes
    • Silicone spare parts include a suction bowl + 2 valves to give your pump more life when it needs it
    • Baby bottle is designed to reduce colic + discomfort for a smooth transition from breast to bottle

    Size + Fit

    • Baby bottle capacity: 180ml/ 6oz
    • Medium flow nipple teat is recommended for babies of 3+ months (extra soft silicone teat)
    • Fast flow nipple teat is recommended for babies of 6+ months (bite-resistant silicone teat ideal for bottle-feeding)
    • 21mm shield: recommended for nipples measuring under 17mm in diameter
    • 24mm shield: recommended for nipples measuring under 20mm in diameter
    • 27mm shield: recommended for nipples measuring under 25mm in diameter

    Please note: Breast shield size is dependent on breast tissue + skin elasticity.

    User Instructions

    In order to preserve the components of the breastmilk, thaw in the refrigerator overnight or by holding the bag under running warm water (max. 37c). Gently shake the bag to blend any fat that has separated. Thawed breastmilk is safe in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

    Do not thaw frozen breastmilk in a microwave oven or in a pan of boiling water. Do not refreeze thawed breastmilk.

    To feed your baby directly from the milk bag, simply attach the bottle teat to it with the adapter. Never leave your baby unattended with a feeding bag.

    The breastmilk bags are for use with breastmilk only. This is a single-use product + shall be disposed of after first use.


    • Refrigerator: 3-5 days at around 4c
    • Deep freezer: 12 months at around -18c
    • Room temperature: Max. 4hrs at up to 25c
    • Freezer compartment: 6months at around -16c


    • Refrigerator: 24hrs at around 4c
    • Room temperature: 1-2hrs at up to 25c
    • Please note: never refreeze thawed breastmilk


    • Always sterilise all parts after use
    • Baby bottle is dishwasher safe up to 65c
    • Pump has just five parts to clean + takes seconds to assemble
    • Wash the bamboo pads before first use at max. 40c + use a laundry bag to protect the delicate fabric