Lola&Lykke Core Restore Support Band - Black

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The Lola & Lykke Core Restore Support Band in Black has innovative dual compression technology which provides some much-needed support for weakened, unstable core muscles after childbirth.

The belt offers comfortable dual-layer support for your core, hips, and back post-pregnancy, alleviating back pains and improving posture. The band helps to gently realign your abdominal muscles, reducing the appearance of 'mummy tummy'. The gentle compression expedites fluids through the body and accelerates recovery from pregnancy and labour.

How it works

The core restore belt provides support for pelvis and ligaments softened by your body's natural hormone, This natural hormone allows your ligaments to soften during childbirth and stays in your body for a limited time afterwards.

When your core has been weakened by hormones and the physical effects of pregnancy, the targeted compression helps promote more effective core recovery and better posture. Innovative compression technology offers your abdomen medical-level support, which helps to effectively alleviate and prevent pains and poor posture. By using the Core Restore postnatal band, you can allow yourself to recover better from pregnancy and childbirth. Do not use this product while you are still pregnant.

Product Features

  • Medical grade quality
  • Latex-free, breathable, hypoallergenic
  • Effective core recovery + better posture
  • Reduces the appearance of mummy tummy
  • Supports your core, hips + back after pregnancy
  • Wear immediately after childbirth for best results
  • Suitable for both natural + C-section labour recovery
  • Adjustable dual compression system for optimum comfort
  • Technical compression fabric combines high elasticity with unique softness

Size + Fit

Fully adjustable fastening panels offer over 20cm of adjustment margin guaranteeing a suitable fit. One support band size fits the user for the entire postnatal period as the band can be easily adjusted to the shrinking belly.

Postnatal waist:

  • S: 70-90cm
  • M: 90-110cm
  • L: 110-130cm
  • XL: 130-150cm