Love to Dream Swaddle Up Lite - 0.2 TOG - Grey You Are My

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Combining the benefits of traditional swaddles and the ease and safety of a sleepsuit, the Love To Dream Swaddle UP Lite is the perfect cure to warm sleepless nights.

The soft, breathable fabric around the baby replicates the feeling of being in the womb whilst the ARMS UP and healthy-hip design works with their natural sleeping position. 

And the beautiful poetic design will be loved by both you and baby.


  • Easy to use- legs in, arms in and zip up, with the two-way zip allowing you change your baby's nappy without waking them. 
  • Designed based on research in babies sleep and development in the womb with the         ARMS UP position allowing babies to sooth themselves to get to sleep, by touching their face and sucking on their hands. The Healthy-Hip fit is also recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  
  • Created from a single layer of 0.2 TOG breathable fabric to reduce the risk of overheating or suffocation, whilst having the full benefit of calming the startle reflex with gentle all over pressure. 

Size and Temperature Guide 

Created in four sizes:

(Size based on weight is most accurate)

Newborn: 2.2- 3.8kg, 0-1 months, 60cm

Small: 3.4- 6kg, 1-3 month, 62cm

Medium: 6- 8.5kg, 3-6 month, 68cm

Large: 11- 14kg, 9-12 month, 91cm

The Swaddle UP Lite 0.2 TOG is designed for warm room temperatures of 24-27°C.

Look after me  

Wash before first use and then immediately after every use. 

To wash, close zipper and place in a wash bag with similar colours, and machine wash on warm and gentle. After wash and before dry, ensure you pull the swaddle into shape. 

If you wish, tumble dry on low and warm iron if necessary.