Mamas and Papas Tummy Time Snugglerug - Elephant & Baby

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Our Elephant & Baby Activity Rug & Rattle is designed to help baby with their Tummy Time exercises. A soft, cushioned place to play and develop. Perfect for playtimes and supporting baby's muscle and sensory development.

Perfect for Tummy Time

Our Elephant Activity Rug was designed to support Tummy Time exercises. Tummy Time is great for helping babies strengthen their neck muscles and the unique shape of the rug helps support their head, arms and shoulders.

Includes a Grabber Toy

The large elephant rug also comes with a baby elephant soft toy. This doubles as both a grabber and a rattle. The grabber is ideal for little hands, easy to reach and grasp.


The rattle feature is an additional interactive feature to engage your child. It makes a gentle rattling sound when shaken.