Maxi-Cosi Emerald 360 S Car Seat Birth - 12 years old | Graphite

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New from Maxi-Cosi the rotating car seat that adapts to your growing child.

Emerald 360 S in Emerald ensures lasting comfort and safety, adapting to your child’s growth from birth up to 12 years old (150 cm). With FlexiSpin 360° rotation and four comfortable recline positions, Emerald 360 S is there to meet your family’s needs at every stage and on every adventure.

We know that your little one grows up fast, but no matter how quickly the years fly by, one constant you can rely on is the Emerald 360 S. Growing as your child does, it’s the only car seat they’ll ever need. From your first journey home from the hospital, through school runs and each new family adventure, Emerald 360 S is there at every stage.

The Emerald 360 S is built for comfort, and that can be seen in its range of comfortable recline positions, which help keep your little one relaxed and at ease on every car trip. The cushioned headrest, made using soft foam, ensures lasting comfort as your child grows.

 It can be used from birth with the removable Newborn inlay, and from there, it grows with them all the way up to 12 years old (150 cm). The convenient integrated FlexiSpin 360° rotating seat makes getting them in and out of the car a whole lot easier. Wherever your journeys take you, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your little one is fully protected. The Emerald 360 S is designed in compliance with the highest and latest i-Size safety standard. G-CELL Side Impact Protection is integrated into the seat and absorbs the forces created in the event of a collision, protecting your child.


The Emerald 360 S ensures not only lasting comfort for your little one, but lasting safety too. It’s designed in accordance with the latest and highest car seat safety standard, known as i-Size. As well as that, there’s G-CELL Side Impact Protection technology built into the seat, meaning the impact resulting from any road collision will be absorbed and spread away from your child’s body.

Ease of use

Getting your child into their car seat is a whole lot simpler with the Emerald 360 S. Using FlexiSpin, the seat rotates 360° so you don’t have to bend awkwardly to ensure they’re correctly positioned in their seat. It makes it easy to get them safely and securely in place ahead of every journey, so those daily car seat struggles become a thing of the past.

Age range

Car journeys with your baby start from day one with the Emerald 360 S. Its integrated Newborn inlay offers comfort and support to your little one and ensures safety on every car trip, while providing a proper fit and room to grow. Once they outgrow it, simply remove the Newborn inlay and carry on using the seat all the way up to 12 years old. The soft cushioned headrest provides additional support and comfort as the years pass and your child grows. It’s the only car seat they’ll ever need.

Comfort features

Every parent wants their child to travel in comfort on every trip they take, and that’s something you won’t have to worry about with the Emerald 360 S. The four comfortable recline positions ensure your little one is comfortable at every stage of their growth and development. The soft padded seat is made using Eco Care fabrics made from 100% recycled materials. They offer a soft, comforting, and breathable finish, ensuring your little one remains comfortable in the car from birth up until 12 years old, and the soft foam headrest is designed for comfort that lasts throughout childhood.


Age: Birth - 12years
Length: 40-150cm
Weight child: Harness: up to 18 kg Booster: no limit
Safety i-Size (R129/03)

Installation ISOFIX & Support leg