Maxi-Cosi Toucan 3-in-1 Learning Tower | Wood

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 Let your child’s independence soar with the Maxi-Cosi Toucan, a 3-in-1 learning tower inspired by Montessori principles that empowers your little one to learn through exploration. From kitchen helper to aspiring artist, Toucan's 3-in-1 design opens a world of possibilities for your little one. Join the kitchen fun in learning tower mode, unleash their creativity on the integrated blackboard in table and chair mode, and watch them reach for new heights with the stepping stool option.

Should I always supervise my child when using the Maxi-Cosi Toucan?

The learning towers are fantastic to stimulate your child's creativity, curiousity, autonomy and motor skills. Along this discovery process, children aren’t always fully conscious of the existing dangers (ex: hot stove, knives, etc). To keep them safe from any accidents, the Maxi-Cosi Toucan should not be used without a parent supervision. This way, you'll keep your little one riskfree and you'll have your mind at peace.


The Toucan 3-in-1 learning tower provides the ideal platform for your little one as they take part in family activities around the home. The adjustable height ensures your child can always reach the countertop safely and comfortably, while the integrated blackboard provides a creative outlet for your child. Whether used as a stool or in table and chair mode, your little one has a comfortable spot of their own where they can relax, express their creativity, or take part in whatever’s going on around them.


Toucan is easy to use for parents and children alike. Switching between modes is simple; a quick rotation transforms Toucan from a learning tower to a table and chair set. Once your toddler has outgrown the learning tower, you can detach it to transform it into a wooden stepping stool. Toucan's versatile 3-in-1 design empowers your child to tackle a multitude of tasks, from reaching kitchen countertops to brushing their own teeth. For parents, keeping Toucan clean is easy thanks to its protective and water-resistant finish.


Children can safely use Toucan in learning tower mode from 18 months up to 6 years old. Built with the Montessori method in mind, it embodies the idea that children learn best in environments that are prepared to enable independent activities. Its adjustable height means Toucan accommodates children throughout their early years, all the way up until they no longer need that height boost. In learning tower mode, your little helper is safe from falls thanks to the rear safety bar. Toucan's versatility extends beyond childhood, serving as a stepping stool for both kids and adults, ensuring its place in your home for years to come.


The Toucan learning tower is designed with style in mind. With an organic shape and a modern 2-tone design, Toucan complements any contemporary home décor. Meeting the highest European standards, Toucan provides best-in-class safety and stability. Made in Europe from sustainable FSC® 100% certified wood, its intelligent design optimises wood usage and minimises waste throughout production.

Age of child​​:
1.5 - 99 Y
Height of child​​:
75+ cm
Weight of child​​:
10 - 150 kg

Ease of use

  • Straightforward assembly: Assembling Toucan is simple and straightforward, and all you need is the included Allen key.
  • Easy switching between modes: Switching from the tower to table and chair set is as easy as rotating it on its side. To use it as a stool, simply remove the top part of the tower.


  • Adjustable height: With three different heights, Toucan is suitable for a range of different activities and ages.


  • Built to last: Designed for durability, Toucan's protective, chemical-free varnish makes it water-resistant and easy to clean, ideal for all those messy activities.


  • Inspired by Montessori principles: Developed in accordance with Montessori principles, emphasising your child’s participation in family activities.