Nuna PRUU Car Seat - Caviar

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The PRUU isn't just along for the ride. It leads the way in setting a new standard for style and safety that evolves year after mile.

Tailored for versatility, the PRUU convertible car seat provides secure rides for your newborn and adapts as your little one blossoms into a spirited toddler.

Innovative safety remains at the forefront with the Smart-swivel lock feature that ensures transitions from rear to forward-facing mode don't happen before it's time. Adjustability, luxurious comfort, and a timeless design also take center stage, and promise your little explorer will be surrounded by stylish safety from beginning to end.

Because family travels are all about the journey, not just the destination.


  • Spin & they're in
  • Locked in security
  • Side impact safeguard
  • R129 and i-Size certified
  • Detail driven
  • Recline ready

The PRUU features a 360° rotation that lets you spin the car seat to easily place baby in and then spin back into a safe travelling position.

Side impact safeguard

Side Impact Protection (SIP) pod on the PRUU provides an added safety zone to reduce the force of impact and can be attached to either side of the seat based on location in the vehicle or direction of the seat.

Recline ready

The PRUU offers five deep recline positions in both rear and forward-facing modes for customisable comfort that'll have them drifting off in no time.

Detail driven

Eco-friendly Merino wool headrest and body inserts are gentle against baby’s delicate skin.

Secure display

coloured indication bars provide a clear visual so you can feel confident your car seat and child are safe

Magnetic buckle holders 

Magnetic buckle holders keep straps out of the way when buckling in baby.

R129 and i-Size certified 

The PRUU is i-Size certified, meets the highest R129 safety standards, including side impact testing, and promises a safe and secure fit in i-Size approved vehicles.

Rearward-facing: L 72 x W 46 x H 50 cm
Forward-facing: L 66 x W 46 x H 56 cm