SnuzBaskit Barley Moses Basket & Walnut Stand

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Bringing traditional comfort and portability into the modern world. With safety, innovation and responsible materials, the SnuzBaskit in Barley has been designed by experts to help your baby sleep safe and sound. With a unique blend of conventional and innovative design features, we have created the next generation of Moses baskets, to support your baby’s sleep in the early stages of development.

Product Features

  • The Moses Basket reinvented; Bigger. Stronger. Lighter. More Breathable.
  • 45% larger & 20% lighter than traditional Moses baskets
  • Dual mesh windows for better visibility and breathability
  • Stronger than traditional palm and maize Moses baskets
  • Crafted from KinderFelt™ - our new soft, safe, 100% recycled material
  • Includes a 3D breathable mesh mattress for extra comfort
  • Sustainably sourced solid wood collapsible stand sold separately
  • Can be used without a liner – machine washable liners are available separately


Basket: 84 x 46.5 x 31.5 cm
Stand: 76.5 x 46 x 51.5 cm
Basket & Stand: 84 x 46.5 x 74 cm
Mattress: 74.5 x 37.5 x 3 cm

Safety Standards
Moses Basket: BS EN 1466:2014
Stand: BS EN 1466:2014
Mattress: BS 1877-10: 2011+ A1: 2012, BS 7177: 2008+ A1: 2011 and BS EN 1466:2014
Mattress filling meets the relevant ignitability test of the UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended.


Basket: Surface clean only. Clean with a warm, slightly damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or harsh detergents. Allow to air dry away from sunlight, ensuring the basket is completely dry before use.

Mattress: Mattress cover is removable and machine washable at 40°.
Stand: Clean stand with a warm, slightly damp cloth. Do not use abrasives or harsh detergents.


Basket & Mattress: Suitable for use with the SnuzBaskit stand only
Stand: Suitable for use with the SnuzBaskit Moses basket only

Basket, Mattress & Stand
WARNING: This product is suitable only for a child who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push itself up on its hands and knees.
WARNING: Maximum weight of the child: 9 kg (20lbs).
WARNING: Only use on a firm, horizontal level and dry surface.
WARNING: Do not let other children play unattended near the carry cot / Moses basket and stand.

Suitable for use with the SnuzBaskit Moses basket only.
WARNING: This mattress may not soak up vomit.
WARNING: Do not use the mattress if any part is broken, torn or missing and use only replacement or spare parts approved by the manufacturer.
WARNING: Do not add another mattress on top of the mattress provided or recommended by Snuz.
WARNING: Be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. in the near vicinity of this product.
As recommended by experts, use a protector to keep your mattress in the best condition.