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Pushchairs Buying Guide

Buying the perfect pushchair for you and your little one seems like it should be a straightforward process. However, when you actually go to purchase one, you can be shocked with all the choices out there, including all the styles and accessories.

Do you want a good recliner? Something rear or forward facing? Or perhaps one that can be converted into both? Does it need to be compatible with a car seat you already own? Do you need one that folds away? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but our pushchair buying guide explains more on what to look for when buying a pushchair and will help make the decision a bit easier.


Buying for a Newborn

Brand new babies who have just been introduced into the world will do a lot of sleeping in the first few months! So, if you’re looking to buy a pushchair for a newborn, then go for one that lies flat.

The carrycot style lets your baby stay comfortable and helps aid their development in these crucial beginning months. These baby pushchairs from Egg are perfect for this stage, with carrycot systems that allow newborns to stay flat but with a recline for when they are old enough to sit up and support themselves better.

3-in-1 Pushchairs: Egg Complete Pushchair - Prosecco3-in-1 Pushchairs: Egg Stroller - Prosecco3-in-1 Pushchairs: Egg Carrycot - Prosecco

Egg Complete 3-in-1 Pushchair in Prosecco – £769, buy online today.


Pushchair Travel Systems

When you’re ready to move on from a flat-lying pushchair, there are a few other options to consider based upon your child’s needs and your lifestyle.

For example, a travel system is the perfect solution for those parents on the go. It allows car seats to be easily slotted and locked into a pushchair, so you don’t have to move your child out of his or her seat when going from the car to the pushchair.

Travel systems are also usually versatile with various add-on features, such as a shopping basket. For those parents who are often out and about, a travel system is a great idea.

Pushchairs: Mutsy Nio Complete Pushchair & Accessories - Blue ShadePushchairs: Mutsy Nio Complete Pushchair & Accessories - Storm GreyPushchairs: Mutsy Nio Complete Pushchair & Accessories - Sea Green

Mutsy Nio Complete Pushchair – £689, buy online today.


What Other Features Should I Look For?

There are several other features to consider when buying a pushchair.


Pushchairs that fold are great for storing and putting in the car, but not all make it easy. Try out different folding mechanisms as you may find yourself folding and unfolding a few times a day, so you want something that isn’t too complicated.


Extra padding in the right places can make a big difference making your child feel secure and supported. A head-hugger is especially helpful for babies still needing extra head support.


Look for brakes that are easy to apply and that aren’t in the way of your toes when walking.

Reversing seat

In those first few months, many parents like to have their babies facing them for that all-important eye-contact. When they get older though, it is good for them to face outwards. Pushchairs and strollers with a reversing seat make that switch easy.

Adjustable handles

Everyone is different, so a one-size-fits-all pushchair handle isn’t always ideal. Adjustable handles ensure that anyone using the pushchair is comfortable.


We Can Help!

Not sure where to begin your pushchair shopping journey? Let us help!

Beautiful Bambino have a selection of high-quality pushchairs and strollers for babies and toddlers including well-known brands like Mutsy and Egg.

We can help you find the right pushchair that’s best suited for you and your child. Have a look at our pushchair selection to discover all the amazing styles in stock.

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