9 Tips for Designing Your Nursery

9 Tips for Designing Your Nursery

One of the most exciting things to do when planning for your little one’s arrival is to prepare their nursery. This is the opportunity to create a safe and comfortable space just for your newest arrival, one filled with everything he or she may need in the early weeks and beyond. 

With so much to consider in designing your nursery, where do you even begin? We’ve got nine tips to get you started in creating the perfect space for your baby.


1. Collect Your Ideas

It is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the choice that is out there when it comes to designing your baby’s nursery. Start by putting your ideas in one central location, such as a physical mood board using magazines or print-outs or even online by using Pinterest, a platform full of inspiration. 

You may want to go something in a style that’s similar to your own home décor that also reflects your own style, which will help you not to tire of the nursery design. Then again, you may want to try something completely different; the choice is yours, and the mood board will help you achieve it.

Add colours, collections and anything else you already like and work around it. This will help you get your thoughts in order on what you need and to stick with it (because it is easy to go overboard when buying for your baby’s nursery).

Not sure where to start? Check out our range of décor for nurseries for some inspiration. 


2. Choose the Right Room

If you have a choice of rooms for your nursery, be sure to go for one that is quiet, away from busy points in the home. It should also be close to your own room and overall practical for a newborn. Ensure that cold rooms get adequate heating it needs and that warm rooms have good ventilation. 


3. Consider Lighting

A well-lit room is normally cheerful and welcoming, but it is not something that is necessarily needed for baby’s room. 

If the room gets a lot of natural light, consider getting black-out blinds. This will help mimic the night-time to help your little one sleep and also keep out additional heat. Stay away from bright lights and go for bulbs with a softer glow instead. 

A light dimmer is great for setting the “mood” before bedtime. The soft, calming light can be relaxing and signalise that its nearly time for sleep.

You may also want to get a light night or two. Although your baby is not scared of the dark just yet, the little bit of light will help you find your way through the room without stumbling in the dark!


4. Choose Calming Colours and Themes

Bright colours can be fun, but they aren’t necessarily soothing for a newborn baby. Think of the room as a comforting retreat instead of a bright, fun play place for now. Go for natural colours; they’re much more calming for both you and baby. 

You will normally find cribs for babies and other nursery furniture in these soft, neutral colours, like these fantastic cots and suites from OBaby.


5. Pick Your Nursery Furniture Before Anything Else

Everything seems to come together if you choose your nursery furniture sets before any other accessories. It is more difficult to work around smaller details, such as a rug you may like or some creative prints, and to try to find furniture to go around that. 

As previously mentioned, many room sets, like this exquisite collection from Snuz, come in neutral colours, but some do have some subtle colour added for that extra detail that pops out and would go with a theme of a similar colour. 


6. Keep It Aesthetically Pleasing Yet Functional

Of course, you want the absolute very best for your baby, including one incredible nursery filled with the best furniture, such as those form the luxurious Romina collection, however, it must be functional as well, otherwise, it doesn’t really serve its purpose as a practical space for you or your baby. 

Be practical when it comes to arranging baby furniture. For example, you will want your changing table near a dresser so you can easily grab the clothes you need (especially helpful in those “oops” moments!).

The size of the room should also be kept in mind. You should not feel the need to stuff the space with as much as you possibly can. A busy room is not a very relaxing one. If you are limited in space, just go for the essentials. Maximise any storage space you can, such as under-bed storage or shelving. This will create a space that is more organised and less cluttered too. 

The type of paint or wallpaper you use should also be practical. Choose those that can be easily cleaned; again, something you will be glad of in those “oops” moments!


7. Safety First

Safety needs to be at the forefront of every parent’s mind when it comes to their baby’s nursery. The furniture you buy needs to meet or exceed all safety standards in place, as do all of our collections do at Beautiful Bambino. Cots in the UK should conform to safety standard BS EN 716-2:2008, which ensures it is deep enough with bars that apart at a safe distance. 

Place your crib away from any electrical sockets and windows. Also, avoid standing lamps or lightbulbs that radiate too much heat. If you have a rug in the nursery, ensure it is non-slip and firmly on the floor to minimise the risk of tripping on it. 


8. Don’t Forget the Other Accessories!

A cot may be essential but the key to any great nursery is all the other accessories and details that make it special, like what can be found in our gorgeous Caramella Collections

Accessories to consider also includes the things you don’t see, like a waterproof mattress protector and quality bed sheets, which you will be very glad you had!


9. Leave Some Space to Grow With

Your newborn only has a few basic needs now, such as a small crib or even a Moses basket like these adorable ones from MJ Mark which give your baby the security they need in the early months.

However, as they grow, their needs will shift. Cribs and other pieces of nursery furniture may need to adapt. Make sure you have left the room to accommodate these new needs as your child needs them.

Find even more great items to include in your baby’s nursery at Beautiful Bambino. From full nursery furniture sets to clothing and toys and everything in between, you will find all the high-quality products you need to welcome the newest addition to your family. 

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