Beautiful Bambino's Baby Bathtime Guide

Beautiful Bambino's Baby Bathtime Guide

Baby bathtime is another precious moment experienced between parents and their new addition, but it can also be one that is a bit stressful when trying to do things in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Our baby bathtime guide will help you make bathtimes more comfortable and even fun for both you and your baby.

How Often Does My Baby Need Bathing?

A newborn’s skin is very delicate and excessive bathing can irritate it easily and make it prone to skin conditions such as eczema. Only bathe your baby two to three times a week, with this increasing as they get older.

In between bathtimes, you can use the “top and tail” method of cleaning your little one. This involves using a soft flannel and warm water to gently clean your baby from their top to bottom, especially around their face, neck and bottom.

What Products Do I Need?

There are a few items that will help make bathtime easier and comfier for both you and your baby. A baby bathtub is an essential that helps support your little one with a backrest. Find a mild cleanser that is designed to be gentle on baby’s skin and soft flannels. You will also need a soft, hooded towel they can be wrapped up in after their bath.

How Should I Prep for Baby Bathtime?

First and foremost, the environment needs to be comfortable and at a good, ambient temperature so that your little one doesn’t become too cold quickly after the bath. Shut the windows and internal doors if there is a draft.

Fill your baby bathtub with water up to 8-10cm that is around 37 degrees Celsius. It should be warm, but not too hot. Test it with your wrist. Have your mild baby soap, flannels and towel nearby and ready to use. You should never leave your baby unattended to grab something you may have forgotten, so make sure you have everything at hand before bathtime.

How Do I Safely Give My Baby a Bath?

Many babies do not like being undressed as they are adjusted to being snug and secure. Keep them wrapped in a towel until you are ready to put them into the bath. When the water is at the right temperature, gently lower them into the baby bathtub whilst supporting their head and bottom.

Lightly swish the soapy water around with your hand so it gets onto their body without too much splashing and wipe down with the flannel. Avoid doing this to their head. Instead, use your flannel to dip into the water before gently wiping around their face and hair. Keep bathtime short and sweet, so the water doesn’t get a chance to get cold.

Make certain you have good control before lifting your baby out of the bath as their skin will be slippery. Lay them onto their prepared towel and pat dry, concentrating on those cute little rolls! Wrap them up warm in their towel and let them dry completely before putting clothes on.

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