How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

When you become a new parent, keeping your baby safe at all times is of utmost importance, including when they are sleeping. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (also referred to as SIDS) is a real worry for every parent, so sleep safety and being aware of the right environment to have for your little one is essential. Follow these few tips on how to keep your sleeping baby safe to help ensure a good night’s sleep for your baby (and you!). 

Have a Safe Sleeping Environment

The first thing parents should do in baby sleep safety is to make sure that baby’s cot is secure in the first place. All new cots should meet current safety guidelines, but older cots may not meet these standards.

Mattresses should be firm, with a tight sheet around it. Stay away from memory foam, as this can do more harm than good as it doesn’t give the firm, flat surface needed. The mattress should fit perfectly within the crib with no gaps. Not sure what mattress to go for? We’ve got your perfect one here.

You may be tempted to put in toys and blankets, but they do not need them at this point, and it can be a potential choking risk. Blankets can not only be a choking hazard but can lead to overheating. Stick to specially designed sleeping bags if you choose to use them.

Put Them to Sleep on Their Back

When you lay your baby down in their crib, do so with them on their back. You should do this until they around one year of age. They may start to turn over themselves in their sleep from around three-to-six months of age, and if so, leave them in that position. However, always put them on their back when going to sleep. This helps reduce the risk of overheating and SIDS.

Stick to the Cot

Your baby’s cot or bassinet will be the best place for your baby to sleep. Avoid letting your baby sleep in car seats and/or pushchairs. Your baby should be on a flat surface, and sitting in a pushchair or car seat can restrict airways.

This is also true to letting your baby sleep in your arms or on the couch. While it is so sweet to have your baby fall asleep in your arms, once baby is snoozing away, it is best to place them in their cot.

Co-Sleeping Options

Co-sleeping, where you share your bed with your baby, is not an option every parent considers, as it comes with many pros and cons. Many parents love the idea of their baby being close, but it is not always the best choice for everyone. Have a look at our co-sleeping guide to see if it is appropriate for you and your baby and the best co-sleeping practices.

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