Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing Safely

Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing Safely

A good night’s sleep is not something most parents get a luxury of in the first few months of their baby’s life, but many are making the most of it with co-sleeping. It is recommended that you share the same room as your baby for their first six months, but while some parents use a cot or Moses basket within their room, others let their little one sleep with them in the bed. However, is this safe? Here are some tips on co-sleeping to keep it safe and comfortable.

What is Co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping is sharing your bed with your baby whilst you sleep. It is a personal choice and one that must be made with complete safety in mind under the right circumstances.

What are the Benefits?

Co-sleeping’s biggest benefit is the convenience it provides parents, especially for breastfeeding mothers. It is easier to not disturb a baby who has fallen asleep whilst feeding this way than if you were to go place him/her in a cot, and equally, easier to get to the baby when he/she has woken up for one of the several reasons babies wake up. For this reason, co-sleeping is most common for babies who are breastfeeding than those who are not.

There is also the additional comfort parents get for being closer to their baby. Parents can also rest better knowing their baby is right there with them.

Finally, it is suggested that babies who co-sleep in their first six months have a reduced risk of SIDS.

When is Co-sleeping Not Appropriate?

Co-sleeping is not an appropriate move for all parents and babies, and in fact, can be dangerous in some circumstances.

Premature babies (at 37 weeks or less) or that weigh less than 2.5kg/5½ lbs should avoid co-sleeping.

Co-sleeping should only be done in a bed, and not on a sofa or chair. The risk of SIDS increases fifty times in these cases.

Additionally, it is not safe if your partner smokes, even if it is not done in the room, if you have had alcohol, on medication that makes you drowsy or is just really tired in general.

How to Co-sleep Safely

If you feel ready and able to give it a try, follow these tips on co-sleeping to ensure it’s a safe and comfortable experience for you and baby.

Keep any loose bedding, including duvets, duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases away whilst co-sleeping. Even the smallest loose bit of material can be a choking hazard. This also reduces the risk of overheating.

Your mattress should be firm and flat and baby should be given a clear space to lie flat comfortably.

Make sure your baby sleeps away from the wall and that you reduce any risk of falling off the bed.

As much as we love our fur babies too, they will need to stay out of the bed while co-sleeping with your little one.

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