6 Tips for Designing Your Nursery 28th September 2018 – Posted in: Nursery

6 tips for designing your nursery

Designing your baby’s nursery is often something exciting to do when waiting for the newest arrival to make their appearance. This is your opportunity to create the perfect room just for your little one filled with all the necessities.

But with so much choice out there, where do you even begin in your planning?

Here are our top tips that are bound to inspire you.


Create a Nursery Mood (or Pinterest) Board

The best place to start is by getting your ideas down in one central location. Look through magazines and take out the pictures of the items and colour schemes you like, and put them onto a mood board.

Alternatively, use Pinterest to “pin” different ideas you see online (and Pinterest itself is full of inspiration!). Once you see all your ideas in place, it will better help you decide what themes you want to go with and what you will need to go with it.


Choose Calming Colours and Themes

Bright colours can be fun, but they aren’t necessarily soothing for baby. Go for calm, natural colours that can help relax both mum and baby! Most cribs for babies and other nursery furniture are found in neutral colours anyways, like these fantastic cots and suites from OBaby.

Stamford Mini Taupe Grey Nursery Set

Obaby Stamford 3 Piece Nursery Furniture Set in Taupe Grey – £989, buy online today.

Pick Your Nursery Furniture First

Many parents find it easier to pick nursery furniture sets first. Everything else seems to come together after you choose your furniture. It would be a lot harder to pick out something else, like a rug you particularly like, and try to find furniture and other details to go around that.


Leave Some Space to Grow With

Your infant may only need a small crib, like these adorable ones from MJ Mark which give your baby the security they need in the early months, but as they grow, the crib will also need to, as well as other items. Make sure you have left room to accommodate for your growing child.

MJ Mark Bianca Cribs – From £252, buy online today.

Don’t Forget the Other Accessories!

We tend to think about a cot first and foremost when considering a nursery, but don’t forget all the accessories needed too.

Sometimes this includes the things you don’t see, like a waterproof mattress protector and quality bedsheets, which you will be very glad you had! Snuz has a great selection of cot beds and cot accessories, including some fun and practical patterns to go with your theme.

SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed - Orange

SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed in Orange – £314.10, buy online today.

Keep It Aesthetically Pleasing Yet Functional

Sure, you want a room that looks amazing, but does it work for you and your baby too? For example, keeping the changing table near to the dresser is practical because you can easily grab the clothes you need when changing baby (especially needed in those “oops” moments!)

Also keep in mind the size of the room. Don’t feel the need to stuff it full of furniture if there just isn’t the space for it. A busy looking room won’t be very relaxing.

Find even more great items to include in your baby’s nursery at Beautiful Bambino. From full nursery furniture sets to clothing and toys and everything in between, you will find all the high-quality products you need to welcome the newest addition to your family.

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