Monitor Your Sleeping Baby with Owlet

Monitor Your Sleeping Baby with Owlet

There is something oh-so-sweet about a sleeping baby, but even in these peaceful moments, parents are still keen to keep an eye out and make sure everything is okay in the early months. Traditional baby monitors generally only pick up sound or blurry images, but with today’s technology, you can not only watch and hear your little one but also monitor their stats to ensure they’re sleeping safely. Owlet is one of those companies give parents peace-of-mind with their innovative baby monitoring products.

Owlet Camera

The Owlet Cam is a system designed for monitoring a sleeping baby. You can see and hear your child from anywhere thanks to the handy Owlet app. The audio is two-way, so you can communicate to your baby should need be to help soothe them should they wake up for any reason. The cam also picks up on any background audio, so you can pick up on any potential disturbances.

The video, at HD 1080p, features exquisite night vision and has a 130° wide-angle lens. It also features a room temperature sensor, alerting you if it gets too cold or too warm for your baby.

You can watch and communicate your baby from anywhere with the app. This is all done through encrypted wi-fi, ensuring your tech stays secure.

The Owlet Camera comes with a magnetic base, wall mounting kit with cable guards, power adapter and USB cable with a temperature sensor.

Owlet Smart Sock

Watching and listening to your baby is great for that peace-of-mind, but Owlet has gone beyond that even with their Owlet Smart Sock. This sock features technology that allows parents insights into their baby’s health and well-being.

The Smart Sock gently wraps around your baby’s foot, and the sensor is placed on the top. It will then track your baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and sleep thanks to the clinically-proven pulse oximetry.

You can monitor these stats via the app or the base station. The base station will glow green when everything is within the safe ranges, but it will alert you if stats go beyond the pre-set ranges with lights and sounds.

The Owlet Smart Sock comes with three different fabric socks from sizes 0-18, so there will always be a good fit for an accurate reading. Charging the sensor is easy with the provided cables and power adapter.

Owlet Cam & Smart Sock Bundle

If you want the benefits of both the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock, buy them together from Beautiful Bambino and save. Hear and see your baby and track their sleeping stats with the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock set, the first baby monitoring system that has it all. Not only will you have comfort in knowing you can watch over your baby, but you also have insights into their well-being which can help parents understand their baby’s health and monitor any changes.

Buy your Owlet Cam, Owlet Smart Sock or set today from Beautiful Bambino and rest easy knowing you will be able to watch over your little one and their need during bedtime.