Winter is Coming, Time to Wrap Up Warm

Winter is Coming, Time to Wrap Up Warm

The cold weather is making an appearance and so are the coats, hats and scarves! For babies, these warm accessories are extra important since they cannot self-regulate their core temperature and lose heat more quickly than adults. It is essential to dress your little one appropriately for the winter months, yet also ensure they do not become overheated too. Here are some tips on how to make sure baby stays warm and cosy in the cold season ahead.

Layer Up with the Right Clothing

Choosing comfortable layers of clothing is key to keeping baby warm. It’s generally thought to dress your baby in one more layer than you are wearing. Layering clothing is easy and it means you can easily take off a layer to prevent overheating if need by and still keep them warm and cosy. Always start with good quality wool or polyester base layer that can absorb moisture from baby’s skin.

Don’t forget, when putting your baby in a car seat, take off their coat first. This can become restrictive and unsafe.

Bundle Up with Winter Accessories

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors! In fact, as long as the weather isn’t extreme or freezing, brief excursions are perfectly fine. In addition to the right clothing, keeping babies warm in winter also includes the right accessories, such as footmuffs for pushchairs. Footmuffs, such as these super cosy quilted ones from Cybex, are handy in winter months and will fit entirely in the pushchair for extra comfort all around.

There are footmuffs to suit all types of pushchairs and even styles. The Babyzen footmuff makes keeping baby warm super convenient by having the ability to fold up in the pushchair when not in use or keep it safe in the provided transport bag. The Uppababy footmuff collection features lovely winter colours and even has a barrier around the foot area for those messy shoes from a wet, muddy day. For the fabulous Mima collection, the Mima footmuff selection features a weather-proof outside and fleece lining on the inside, keeping your baby super snug and stylish.

For that little bit extra in comfort, why not choose a luxury sheepskin seat liner? In addition to staying warm, it has a soothing swaddling effect that leads to better sleep and less colic – an added bonus!

Finally, don’t forget to look after yourself whilst out and about with your little one. This hand muff will not only keep your hands from being exposed from the cold, but they are a gorgeous accessory as well!

Staying Warm at Bedtime

You may be tempted to keep up the heating in the house, but regular room temperature is best and will prevent baby from overheating, especially at night. For a good night’s sleep, choose a moisture-wicking base layer and a sleeping bag or swaddle. While blankets can be kicked off in the night, sleeping bags will stay on, keep baby warm throughout the night.

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