9 Tips to Make the First Year of Parenting Easier

9 Tips to Make the First Year of Parenting Easier

Becoming a parent for the first time is such an exciting time, but it is also one that can come with a lot of worries after suddenly being given the responsibility of looking after this brand-new life. While making parenting easier may seem better said than done, we’ve got some tips to make this wonderful journey into parenthood a little less daunting.

Agree on a Plan

Get a plan together with your partner on who can help out with what, even going so far as in creating “shifts” during the night so at least some sleep is guaranteed. This may include setting up a routine, which will also help your baby. Of course, things won’t always go to the plan or routine, but just know that this is okay! Get right back on it when you can.

Take the Time to Settle

Everyone will want to meet your new bundle of joy when he or she arrives but having all your family and friends over right away can be very overwhelming. Always take the time to settle into your new role as a mother or father and into your routines first before having everyone visit.

Get Some “Me” Time

There is absolutely nothing selfish about spending some alone time to recharge your batteries. Self-care a must! Let your partner take over for an hour while you relax in the bath or visit friends.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Get the idea of what the “perfect” mum or dad should be and ignore what you see on social media or television. You will only stress yourself out. No two parenting journeys are the same anyways, and it’s useless to compare yourself to others. Keep your focus on yourself and your family. You’re doing great!

Stay Positive

While becoming a parent is something incredibly special, that doesn’t mean it will be without tough times. There will be days that seem harder than others, and you wonder how you get through it – but you will! Focus on all the wonderful moments you have had already and the magical times to come. 

Meet Other Parents

Get yourself to some parent and baby groups to meet other new mums and dads. They will help you not feel alone when parenting just seems tough, with the added bonus of making new friends!

Do It Your Way

You may be on the receiving end of a lot of unsolicited advice about how you should do things. While Nana just wants to help out, you should always follow your instincts and do things your way.

Ask for Help When Needed

Parenting can seem so overwhelming at times but know that it is okay to ask for help when you feel you need it, no matter what. Don’t be afraid to reach out when things seem to get too much, whether it’s to pick up some groceries, help around the house or even to just have a chat about how you’re feeling. 

Find the Perfect Accessories

The right baby accessories really can make things easier! From pushchairs that can be folded and set-up again effortlessly to adjustable cots, you will be thankful to have these items that have been designed not only for babies but for making parenting easier too. Look for high-quality items that are designed to last and even grow with your little one, such as those from Beautiful Bambino!