Your Baby at 12 Months Old

Your Baby at 12 Months Old

Wow, what an amazing first year it has been for your little one, and it seems to go so quickly too. In only 12 months, your baby has gone from being so tiny and entirely reliant on parents to become their own little person, full of personality, who is moving around everywhere and increasingly independent. It is crazy to see how much they have grown in this amount of time, and your baby at 12 months old is still growing and developing as they venture into being a toddler.


Your baby will be looking to get in on the conversations by chatting away when you are talking with others. These may not be real words at the moment, but they think they are communicating with you, so happily respond nonetheless.

A Little Big Helper

Babies are curious and want to do what you do, even helping out when they can. They may want to help you wipe their table or tray after lunch or tidy away toys. Of course, it isn’t perfect, but make a big deal about them being a big helper. It will help boost their confidence and reassure them that they are doing something good, even if the helping phase does not last for long!

Good Manners

It is not too early to start teaching your 12-month-old baby good manners, and it starts with you. Practice saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when appropriate. Go ahead and exaggerate so your baby takes notice. When they start saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, be sure to reward with a great big smile to show them that their kind words are appreciated. There is no need to pressure them to use these words now, but they will get there if they hear you doing it.

Getting About

Your baby at 12 months old is determined to get around. Whether they are crawling, scooting around, walking whilst holding onto something or even taking steps on their own, they are moving about quickly and enjoying their independence.

Work on Those Fine Motor Skills

Keep working on those fine motor skills by offering chunky crayons or sidewalk chalk. Toys that have some sort of manipulation aspect, such as those that twist, turn or crank, often make working on fine motor skills fun.

Let’s Get Loud

The types of toys your 12-month-old baby will love right now are unfortunately not ones parents are particularly keen on! That’s because babies at the age love big, colourful, loud toys that play music or make some kind of noise. And if it doesn’t, then they will make their own noise by banging things together and knocking things down, like toy blocks.

Get Ready for the Next Stage

Your baby is now ready for those toddler years, so be prepared with the right age-appropriate accessories that help them continue to learn and grow. See our fabulous collections at Beautiful Bambino that are designed to help parents in this next big stage of baby development.