Your Baby at 11 Months Old

Your Baby at 11 Months Old

Your baby at 11 months old is a little ball of energy, as they are eager to explore by doing. They will want to grab, touch and feel everything, even if it means putting things in their mouth, and will be doing all they can to move about on their own too. This is a crazy busy time for baby and parents, so get ready to find out what to expect with your baby’s development at 11 months old.

More Words Coming

Your 11-month-old baby will most likely be making a lot of sounds, and even already saying “dada” (sorry Mums – this tends to be easier to say first!), but they will be trying to say a lot more with some encouragement. Speak slowly and enunciate clearly, letting them see how your mouth moves for different sounds. Make sure to put on big smiles and sing their praises when they try to repeat a word as well. It definitely gives them the self-esteem to keep stringing those sounds together!

Repetition is Key

Sure, you may think if you read the same book, sing the same nursery rhyme or hear Baby Shark one more time, you may go mad, but it all benefits your little one. You should also keep repeating the names of things, like “bottle” or “dog”, even if you think your baby already knows. This repetition helps them to learn and to keep developing those language skills.

Time for Activities

Your baby at 11 months old is very active! Interactive toys are great for keeping them interested and busy, but toys such as dolls and stuffed teddies are great to help encourage imagination. They are more independent at this age and can play on their own with some fun toys, but will still love playing with you, too. It will bring smiles to both of you.

Your little one may not be able to read yet, but now is a great time to instil a love of books by getting ones that are bright and engaging, such as those where a flap can be lifted to show a surprise character.

Schedule a Visit to Your Paediatrician

You should be asked to bring your 11-month-old baby for a check-up with your paediatrician before they turn a year old. This is simply a routine visit to see how your little one’s development is coming along. Remember, babies will reach milestones in their first year at their own pace, but if there are any questions or concerns, this is a good opportunity to bring them to your doctor’s attention.

Growing Baby, Growing Needs

At 11 months old, your baby is going to need new accessories to keep them engaged, from toys to new pushchairs and appropriate car seats. Find the perfect items for your little one at Beautiful Bambino. See our extensive collections online or visit us at our Stockport store today to pick out some new and exciting accessories that will help facilitate your baby’s development.