Your Baby at 10 Months

Your Baby at 10 Months

Your little baby at 10 months of age is not so little anymore! They are growing big in both stature and personality. Baby development at this age is happening at high speed, with so many milestones being met in a short time. It is exciting to see your baby grow into a little human being with their own personality shining through.

Moving Around

If your ten-month-old baby has been pulling themselves up to a stand, it won’t be long now until they are off, moving around whilst supporting themselves. They may even hold onto your hands to walk a bit more freely across the room. They are gaining the confidence and strength to take those first steps on their own, and this exciting milestone could happen any time now.

If your baby is ever in a hurry, they will probably still go down to a crawl to get to wherever they are determined to go quicker – and they are fast at it!

It is not just walking around that they are getting good at, but their hand movements and grip too. Your little one can coordinate holding an object in each hand and banging them together. They cannot master throwing things yet, but they will have a lot of fun making a game of dropping things, which could be bad news for parents if you have to keep picking things up. Use this time to work on the throw action, using a light ball or beanbag for a game of throw and catch.

Improved Memory

Your ten-month-old baby is now able to recognise faces and will remember people who they have not seen in a while too. They will also recognise routine and routes, such as if you were taking a walk to a park or to grandma’s house.

What Did You Say?

All that babbling is leading the way for actual words. Babies usually say their first word around 10-11 months of age, so keep encouraging your little one to talk away to give them the confidence to string those sounds together for “Mama” or “Dada”, or even the family pet’s name first.

Listen and Follow

Your baby is listening and watching you more intently now. They are taking in your actions and what you say and will even try to intimidate you. They are picking up on social cues and behavioural patterns, and mom and dad are their role models.

And because they are listening and absorbing what you have to say, they are able to follow simple instructions. Try asking your little one to pass a specific toy, like a ball. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you”! They will pick up on good manners too.

Growing Demands

Even in the span of only ten months, your baby’s needs have dramatically changed from those early days. From nursery furniture to toys, visit Beautiful Bambino for age-appropriate products that are perfect for your ten-month-old. As they grow, many of our collections can grow with them. See our superb assortment of baby accessories online or in-store today.