Your Baby at 2 Months Old

Your Baby at 2 Months Old

At only two months old, you won’t believe how much your baby has grown in such a short time. Your baby is still constantly exploring new things, and you are still learning about what life is like with a new addition to the family, but don’t get too adjusted just yet! Things are changing all the time as your baby grows. Here are even more milestones that you can expect during this time.

Have Conversations

Conversations with a two-month-old? People may think you’re losing it, but really, it’s helping your baby continuing developing those language skills, picking up on words and making associations. Talking to your baby is something you should be doing even from one-month-old, but don’t be afraid to talk to your baby as if you’re having a conversation, even giving them time to respond. Tell your baby it’s time for a nappy change or that it’s bath time. Studies have shown that this type of communication, even at two months old, will help your baby develop language skills quicker. You might only get a few grunts or gurgles as a response, but it’s all helping!

Building Strength

There will be a lot more movement going on as your baby keeps building up those muscles. Expect flailing arms and more kicks. They may even lift their head for a few seconds on their own. Their grip is getting stronger too, but unfortunately, they haven’t quite mastered how to let go yet. You’ll quickly notice this when your baby grabs onto your hair or jewellery! Playmats with hanging toys and other playtime accessories like those from Beautiful Bambino are great for encouraging baby to reach and stretch.

I See You!

As we mentioned in a previous blog, although hearing is developed, your baby’s eyesight still has a way to go. By two months of age, it’s improving, and they can see the details of your face better. They will be able to start differentiating between parents and mimicking facial expressions too. Playmats are great for this too, as it gets your little one to focus on the toys and help further develop their eyesight.

Time to Smile

And speaking of facial expressions, that magical moment of the first smile happens generally around six weeks of age. Anything you thought was a smile before this time was probably just trapped wind! Want to make sure it’s the real thing and not wind this time? Give a big smile back and see them respond with an even bigger grin!

More Fun Times to Come

Two months old is still at the very early stages of your baby’s development and growth, and Beautiful Bambino is here to help with the perfect accessories and toys for every step of the way. Learn more about what else to expect during the first year of your baby’s life on our past article on Baby’s First Year in a Nutshell and get ready for even more exciting times ahead!