Your Baby at 4 Months Old

Your Baby at 4 Months Old

From bringing home a tiny newborn and having sleepless nights to spending more time playing and developing a routine, those first few months of your baby’s life really do seem to fly by. By four months old, it is on to new discoveries and milestones for your little one. Here are just some of those to expect, like speech development and movement.

Babbling Away

All these new sounds will be coming from your baby as they start babbling. They can make sounds from letters like “m”, “p”, “b” and “d”. They may even start mimicking the sounds you make, so keep talking and having those conversations with them – you are helping them learn!

Sleep, Finally!

Your four-month-old baby will be needing on average 14 to 16 hours of sleep, and thankfully this comes a lot more regular now. It is a good idea to have a bedtime routine in place. Your little one will naturally start to get tired toward the evenings now, so start your bedtime routine from around 7 or 8 pm. Hopefully, this will help settle them for the night and lead to 8+ hours of sleep with appropriate naps during the day.

Exploring by Taste

Do not be surprised if nearly everything your baby grabs hold of heads towards their mouth! This “tasting” is part of exploring for your four-month-old baby. It helps them learn an incredible amount about an object.

Further Development of Sight

Those eyes are still on their way in development, but your baby at four months will now be able to see across the room better. They can differentiate between shades and love looking at colourful books and toys.

Rolling Around

All that tummy time is making a difference as your baby may start to roll over at this time. This is an exciting milestone for many parents but be sure to keep a close eye on them, especially on a changing table.

Rolling over is one of the first steps towards crawling and walking. It is a proud moment for parents, but once they start moving, they won’t stop! You can find out more about when to expect the next steps of crawling and even walking on our baby advice blog, Baby’s First Year in a Nutshell.

More Discoveries

At four months old, your baby is discovering the world at a greater rate, including cause-and-effect. For example, if they shake a rattle, it will make noise, or if they cry, you will react a certain way. They are always making connections!

Your baby will also like seeing new environments and new faces, smiling at random people as they do. Get that stylish Cybex pushchair out and enjoy some walks out to let them say hello to the world.

Everything Your 4-Month-Old Needs

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