Your Baby at 5 Months Old

Your Baby at 5 Months Old

Your baby is growing stronger and smarter every day, and at five months, your little one is starting to show even more personality. Their emotional development is coming through, and seeing the love and affection that comes from it is truly heart-warming! We’ve listed some of the fun developmental milestones that happen with your baby at five months old and how you can help this development.

Curiosity and Movement

Your five-month-old baby is getting more intrigued by his or her surroundings and using those neck muscles to help them see what’s going on around them. They are lifting their head and neck more than ever to have a good look, even whilst lying down on their tummy or back.

Better Eyesight

Speaking of getting a good look around, your baby at five months is seeing a lot more nowadays. While eyesight still isn’t quite fully developed, they are able to see more depth to an object and its distance. Hand-eye coordination is improved as well. You will see this when they go to grab for your hair on purpose now! They are simply using this action as a way of exploring.

Showing Emotions

One of the most exciting things to expect this month is the greater showing of emotions. Your baby is truly feeling the love and affection they are receiving from you and showing it back with wanting lots of cuddles. They are also developing a stronger attachment to you, so can more easily become upset and cry when you leave a room and they can’t see you, not knowing when you will be back. Be sure that you come back with a smile, reassuring them that everything is okay.

You baby’s sense of humour is developing too. Make lots of funny faces and noises. You will be rewarded with the most delightful smile and giggle!

Noise Associations

Your baby is starting to differentiate between noises and where or who they are coming from. They are listening to a lot more to what is happening around them and may try to replicate their own sounds. Your five-month-old baby will be babbling away and making more complex noises, including those ever-fun “raspberries”. Repeat their babbling to them to encourage them to develop those skills. They will soon be working on their first words!

Don’t forget, all babies are different and will reach these on their own time, so don’t worry if your little one doesn’t quite echo the actions here. Have a look at some of our guidelines on baby development in their first year, and if you are ever concerned, be sure to see your GP.

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