Your Baby at 6 Months Old

Your Baby at 6 Months Old

The first six months of your baby’s life really do seem to fly by! Your baby is halfway through their first year, and in that time, they have grown rapidly, reaching milestone after milestone and changing physically and emotionally near daily. Now, your baby at six months will start to meet even bigger milestones, especially in the way they eat. Find out more about what this super fun month will bring.

Noticing Details

Your baby’s eyes have been slowly developing since birth, and now at six months, your little one is finally noticing the details, such as the small facial features on teddies. With improved speed and depth perception, they can go to grab something that is moving too.

Using Those Muscles

All that tummy time is paying off, as more muscles are being developed and used. Your little one will be rolling around a lot more, even attempting commando-like shuffles across the floor. They may even roll over by themselves at night, and if they look comfortable, then they are okay to stay there. Of course, all this movement means always keeping an eye on them. It may be time to start those nappy changes somewhere other than a changing table.

Is That a Tooth?

If your baby is suddenly grumpy, getting red cheeks and is drooling a lot more lately, that is usually the signs of a tooth about to make an appearance, which tends to happen around the six-month mark. Teething toys will help soothe the pain that comes with those first few teeth. Stock up on teething rings that can be put in the fridge or freezer for a nice cooling sensation on those sore gums. Teething toys that have different textures also help. You may also want to get some gentle over-the-counter liquid painkillers. Always ask your pharmacist or GP for which is best for your teething baby.

When that tooth finally does decide to make an appearance, be sure to take care of it as you normally would with your own teeth. Brush twice a day with a soft toothbrush and special baby toothpaste.

Time for Solids

Your baby at six months old is finally ready to start weaning onto solid foods. Start out by offering solids once a day as your baby adjusts to the change and discovers new flavours. Baby rice or cereal, mashed potatoes and soft boiled veg and fruit is a great selection of foods to try first.

This will be a messy experience, but it’s only your baby exploring new textures and tastes. Embrace it!

Get Ready for The Second Half of Your Baby’s First Year

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