Your Baby at 8 Months Old

Your Baby at 8 Months Old

Your baby at eight months old is ready to explore anything and everything, making this another fun month in your baby’s first year. You’ll be needing to keep an extremely close eye on your little one as they crawl or scoot around here, there and everywhere. And that’s just the start of it. Here’s more of what to expect from your eight-month-old baby.

It’s Time to Baby-Proof

Now that your baby is on the go, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home is baby-proof. That includes baby gates for stairs and certain rooms, plug socket covers, drawer catchers, door blockers and more. It also means keeping cords out of reach and ensuring furniture is secured, including television sets.

It only takes a few seconds for your baby to get into something they shouldn’t, so give yourself some peace of mind with home safety accessories, such as those available at Beautiful Bambino.

Developing Empathy

You may notice your little one whimpering or even all out crying if another baby nearby is crying. This ‘reflective crying’ is just the start of them feeling sadness and empathy for the other baby. This is emotional development will continue over the next few years.

I Can See!

Finally, after eight months, your baby’s eyes should be as developed as an adult’s now. They can be quite precise with their hand-eye coordination, mastering the pincer-like grasp, and can see at a distance as well. It’s a good time to play games to ‘find’ people and large objects to encourage them to look (and make further word associations), like asking them “Where’s your brother?” or even a favourite toy.

Getting Stronger

Now that your baby can see better than ever, they will be keen to explore a lot more. You might catch your little one pulling themselves up to get a better look at things, using new muscles and building them up for those first few steps to soon come.

A Few of My Favourite Things

Speaking of favourite toys, your child may have developed an affinity towards a particular one, or even a preferred blanket. It brings them comfort and will probably come with them everywhere they go. It is a good idea to stock up on another just in case it gets lost or it needs time in the wash!

We’re All Different

The eight-month mark is so different in baby development, as every baby seems to be doing things their own way at this stage. This is perfectly fine, and it is important to know that we don’t need to rush them to reach a milestone before they are ready. If there are any concerns, see your paediatrician.

Your baby is growing, and their needs are changing rapidly as they become more independent. Beautiful Bambino offers the very best in baby accessories for your child’s developing needs. Find our superb range online or in-store at our premises in Stockport, Greater Manchester.